Solert Games Launches ‘Legends At War’ On Avalanche

Published on: 30.07.2023
Solert Games Launches ‘Legends At War’ On Avalanche

Solert Games Launches ‘Legends At War’ On AvalancheSolert Games and Ava Labs launch Avalanche Subnet, a cutting-edge gaming sandbox for Solert players and developers.

The Solert Subnet will highlight the additional player support, private high-speed net setup, and Subnet multiverse incentives enabled by the Avalanche’s near-instant finality. The first phase of Ava Labs and Solert’s new relationship will see the release of Solert’s most recent medieval-themed mobile game, Legends at War, on Solert’s proprietary Subnet.

“The incorporation of Ava Labs’ blockchain infrastructure into the Solert catalog unlocks incredible new possibilities for players and developers alike,” said Wojciech Kaszycki, Co-Founder and CEO, Solert Games. “Our mission of integrating the social aspects of Web2 with the user control and decentralization of Web3 will create a gaming experience like no other.” 

Solert’s Avalanche subnet will be powered by its very own gas token, $LAW. The subnet will serve as the foundation for gaming studios worldwide to utilize Solert Games’ robust technology stack, providing developers with a comprehensive suite of battle-tested tools to create engaging gaming experiences. Through this collaboration, Solert Games aims to usher in the future of mobile gaming by creating an ecosystem wherein players can vote on both governance and multiplayer strategy, for example.

With a 15-year legacy of award-winning game development, Solert has established itself as a prestigious gaming house focused on creating captivating, competitive gameplay experiences through the use of blockchain technology.

“Ava Labs’ partnership with Solert will see virtual and real-world economies seamlessly integrated, giving players true, transparent ownership of in-game assets,” said Ed Chang, Head of Gaming, Ava Labs. “It is humbling to partner with a studio that boasts the expertise and experience of Solert Games, and I can’t wait to see the worlds they build within Avalanche.”

About Solert Games

With offices in New York, Warsaw, and Riga, Solert Games boasts a global team of experts and engineers who have been dedicated to shaping the game development space since the genesis of online gaming, generating over 160 games with more than 20 million downloads worldwide.


About Ava Labs 

Ava Labs makes it simple to launch decentralized applications on Avalanche, the fastest smart contracts platform in the blockchain industry. Empowering people to easily and freely digitize all the world’s assets on one open, programmable blockchain platform.

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About Avalanche

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