Ava Labs Integration with SI Tickets

Published on: 22.05.2024
SI Tickets Integration with Avalanche

Ava Labs Integration with SI Tickets, primary NFT ticketing platform, Box Office, is now on Avalanche.

Box Office provides complete event management and ticketing for events and venues hosting sports, music, conferences and conventions of any size around the world.

Box Office’s turnkey event management platform aims to deliver a complete NFT ticketing solution for paid or free events with visibility and adjacency to traditional, non-NFT tickets alongside the biggest sports, concerts, and theater on the broader SI Tickets marketplace.

Avalanche unlocks a new universe of NFT possibilities and enhances the overall ticketing experience for event hosts and their guests.

Avalanche’s very low transaction fees, near-instant finality, consistency, and high throughput (needed to support a high volume of attendees) have instantly elevated SI Tickets’ Super Ticket™ NFT functionality, empowering event hosts to connect with attendees like never before.

Through NFT videos, collectibles, exclusive offers, loyalty benefits and more, the Super Ticket™ unlocks novel engagement opportunities between hosts and attendees before, during and after events.

Ava Labs is a best-in-class partner, and Avalanche will help us continue to give our partner venues and events the ability to transform the ticket into dynamic content to further engage guests,” said David Lane, Chief Executive Officer, SI Tickets. “There are countless advantages of blockchain ticketing, and as it continues to gain adoption, we believe our partnership with Ava Labs will create the market leadership the Web3 community has been waiting for.”  

The SI Tickets-Avalanche integration is the latest chapter in the blockchain ticketing movement, which reflects the rising popularity of NFT tickets and Avalanche’s momentum as a fast, reliable Web3 platform supporting them. Earlier in 2023, NFT-TiX migrated to Avalanche to broaden its innovation in festival ticketing.

“Event organizers from the US to South Korea are realizing that Avalanche-powered NFT ticketing can add new dimensions of value by engaging fans in new ways,” said John Nahas, Sr. VP of BD at Ava Labs. “Avalanche NFTs simply make events and ticketing better for all parties, both organizers and attendees, as SI Tickets’ content-rich, engaging ticketing experiences show.”

About SI Tickets

SI Tickets also operates Box Office, an innovative event management and blockchain-backed primary ticketing solution, the first global platform to combine a complete NFT ticket solution for events of any size with visibility and adjacency to traditional, non-NFT tickets alongside the biggest events around the world.

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About Avalanche

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SOURCE: https://www.avax.network/blog/avalanche-to-power-si-tickets-nft-platform-box-office


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