BitNote Encrypted Notes Launched on Avalanche

Published on: 10.05.2024
BitNote Encrypted Notes Launched on Avalanche

BitNote Encrypted Notes Launched on Avalanche C-Chain, aligns with a shared focus on bringing real-world use cases and greater utility into the Avalanche ecosystem.

BitNote aims to be a secure storage platform for private data, including seed phrases, private keys, safe combinations, or even an encrypted family recipe or another highly personal item shared with loved ones.

Leveraging the Avalanche C-Chain and a fully local, browser-based dApp, BitNote has built a decentralized, permissionless, open-source, permanent storage platform allowing users to self-custody their important information.

BitNote’s Web2 Product On-Chain Solution, Removes need for centrally controlled database and front end. Stores encrypted personal data permanently on-chain. Enables access from any device with a browser. Avalanche ideal for BitNote’s needs: sub-second transaction finality, low fees, security, and consistency.

What Does BitNote Offer?

  • Secure Data Storage: Data is protected with strong end-to-end encryption and is stored permanently on the Avalanche C-Chain.
  • Decentralized, Censorship Resistant, and Permissionless: BitNote is a highly decentralized application with no single points of failure; users cannot be banned or locked out of their accounts.
  • Cold Wallet Generator: Easily create and store “cold” crypto wallets for long-term digital asset storage.
  • Security Key Support: BitNote supports secure, decentralized account access through security keys (e.g., Yubikeys).
  • Note Sharing: Notes can be shared securely with other BitNote users.
  • Succession: Succession rules can be defined for each note, safely storing information for extended periods before being passed down to appropriate beneficiaries.
  • Data Portability: BitNote allows notes to be easily imported and exported, ensuring data is never locked in. 
  • Referrals: BitNote’s completely on-chain referral system allows users to earn 30% of the protocol fees their referrals generate.

“BitNote is a perfect example of the ideal consumer app on Avalanche: It offers clear utility by bringing a common Web2 product on-chain and improves it by removing the need for a centrally controlled database and hosted front-end,” said Nadim Chamoun, Sr. BD Associate at Ava Labs. “It also introduces new Web3 native features, such as private wallet creation, all made possible and greatly scalable by using Avalanche in the back-end.”

“Avalanche has been a game-changer for BitNote,” said Rockwell Shah, Founder of BitNote. “Avalanche consensus enables us to build real decentralized applications for everyday users. We can have fast, inexpensive transactions in a network with high levels of decentralization, which is critical for our use case. We are so excited to continue partnering with Avalanche to build out the future of BitNote and help people protect and pass down their most important secrets.” 

About BitNote

BitNote is a secure decentralized application. BitNote keeps passwords and secret keys safe using end-to-end encryption, letting users retain control without the risks of centralized password managers.

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About Avalanche

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