SparqNet Partnership with Meta2150s

Published on: 03.09.2023
SparqNet Partnership with Meta2150s

SparqNet Partnership with Meta2150s, a cutting-edge multi-chain platform for GameFi and NFT, integrating games, marketplace, NFT staking, and a DAO structure.

This collaboration promises to synergize the strengths of both platforms, offering an unparalleled gaming experience that solves some of the most pressing problems in the GameFi universe, such as island effect, eco fragmentation, and lack of liquidity. SparqNet Partnership with Meta2150s

Meta2150s has already made significant strides in aggregating multiple chains and creating a robust marketplace for gamers and guilds. By teaming up with SparqNet, they aim to exponentially enhance the speed and efficiency of transactions across the Meta2150s platform.

This collaboration brings together SparqNet’s high-speed, language-agnostic, and easily scalable infrastructure with Meta2150s’ comprehensive suite of GameFi solutions.

Meta2150s will leverage the strengths of SparqNet’s infrastructure: superb network speed (of up to 400k TPS), scalabilitycomposabilitylanguage-agnosticism and cross-chain bridging to introduce more game-like user experiences, including the future release of their game, Metabot2150. The advanced capabilities of SparqNet will provide Meta2150s with the necessary throughput to handle complex transactions while offering a frictionless user experience.

All in all, this collaboration between Meta2150s and SparqNet promises to redefine what is possible within the GameFi and blockchain space, setting a new standard for user experience, transaction speed, and cross-chain operability.

About Meta2150s 

Meta2150s is a multi-chain platform for GameFi and NFT that integrates games, marketplace, NFT staking, and DAO structure. It aims to unite guilds and game enthusiasts, addressing issues like island effect, eco fragmentation, liquidity issues, and low game exposure. With Metabot2150’s release, it will offer more game-like user experiences.

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About SparqNet

Sparqnet is an SDK toolchain that acts as a protocol and allows users to build scalable fast blockchain infrastructure in C++ without relying on any VM, thus erasing the EVM dependency and granting total freedom to both web2 and web3 builders.

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