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Degis protects CAI on Price Protection

Degis protects CAI on Price Protection, Degis Price Protection will protect Colony Avalanche Index (CAI) in the coming batch! CAI is the benchmark index for...

Degis Weekly Summary Recap

Degis introduced Weekly Summary Recap and questionnaire where they will select 20 Degisons to win 30$DEG reward each. Highlight of this week Protocol Protection is the...

Degis Protocol Protection

Degis Protocol Protection is the next-generation protection product that offers exhaustive protection for all kinds of on-chain risks.  Degis will offer customers the necessary protection...

CAI partnership with Degis

CAI partnership with Degis, to enable price protection,Degis first DeFi insurance protocol on Avalanche CAI partnership with Degis Colony, and Phuture have agreed to give...

Degis x Verilog Partnership

Degis x Verilog Partnership, are excited to announce their alliance. To give real-time security warnings, they will set up a Web3 Security Hub together. They...

Degis Partnership with SlowMist

Degis Partnership with SlowMist, Degis is excited to share their collaboration with SlowMist! Together, they work to provide each crypto user with up-to-date security warnings...

Degis & Avalaunch IDO Price Protection

Degis & Avalaunch IDO Price Protection designed to protect newly IDO tokens launched by Avalaunch from the high volatility of the crypto market. Even if...

Nexus Mutual Mechanism Analysis

Degis crypto protection Nexus Mutual is a decentralized alternative to insurance, nexus mutual mechanism analysis. They utilize blockchain to construct a risk-sharing mutual to restore...

Degis & Chainlink VRF Integration

Degis & Chainlink VRF Integration on Avalanche mainnet to Help Fairly Select Treasury Box Winners. By integrating the industry-leading decentralized oracle network, they now have access to...

Mechanism of Treasury Box

Mechanism of Treasury Box, Degis the treasury box feature allows $DEG holders to earn enormous prizes while having fun. On July 13, 8:00 am UTC, users...

JOE on Naughty Price Protection

JOE on Naughty Price Protection, Trader Joe and Degis has announced their collaboration, and the $JOE token will be covered by Degis Naughty Price...

XAVA Live on Naughty Price!

Avalaunch XAVA is live on Degis, The Naughty Price Protection XAVA Live on Naughty Price! With the coming protection pools, mining incentives for liquidity providers...

Degis Income Sharing Function

Degis introduced income sharing function that specially designed for loyal users of Degis to share the platform income by using veDEG on May 5th. How...
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