Robovault Partnership with Degis

Published on: 29.11.2022
Robovault Partnership with Degis

Robovault Partnership with Degis to protect the return of Robovault’s yield strategy using Price Protection model.

Price Protection is a revolutionary technology that helps consumers reduce the loss caused by high volatility in this fast changing market.

Protocol Protection is the next-generation protection product that offers exhaustive protection for all kinds of on-chain risks. The innovative mechanism covers some De-Fi insurance market blind spots and most decentralized risks.

RoboVault’s goal is to become a market leader in the development of advanced algorithmic strategies for DeFi users, through advanced automation & risk management tools, with the ability to execute quantitative strategies on-chain, giving users access to strategies which are typically only accessible to institutions within traditional finance markets.

About Robovault

RoboVault utilizes Delta Neutral Strategies and Off-Chain Automation to earn users safe and secure Real Yield on their assets. RoboVault’s mission is to offer their customers secure above market yields on blue chip assets, through the use of advanced automation and risk management tools. All without requiring any active management from users, so they can sit back while they earn safely!

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About Degis

Degis is the next-generation all-in-one protection protocol, the first on Avalanche. Degis will offer exhaustive protection to users and traders, offer a decentralized protection market and ultimately bring scalable risk management to the crypto world.

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