Mechanism of Treasury Box

Published on: 13.07.2022
Mechanism of Treasury Box

Mechanism of Treasury Box, Degis the treasury box feature allows $DEG holders to earn enormous prizes while having fun.

On July 13, 8:00 am UTC, users may participate in the Treasury Box by purchasing fortunate tickets for 10 $DEG each. The maximum number of tickets purchased in a single transaction will be ten, and beginning with the second ticket, each additional ticket purchased will result in a 2% reduction to the total price in one buy (the price will be 10 $DEG * ticket amount *(0.98)(ticket amount-1) in one purchase). However, there is no maximum amount of tickets each round.

Paying for one ticket will give users a random 4-digit combination with each digit being between 0–9, for example: “0–3–3–2”. After the ticket-buying phase of the Treasury Box, a lucky number will be generated. Users need to match their digits with the lucky number from the left to win rewards:

  • Match first 1 from left: All the winners will share 10% of the total prize pool
  • Match first 2 from left: All the winners will share 20% of the total prize pool
  • Match first 3 from left: All the winners will share 30% of the total prize pool
  • Match all numbers: All the winners will share 40% of the total prize pool

one ticket can only get the reward for guessing the maximum number of digits. After every round, if nobody wins in one of the prize brackets, the unclaimed $DEG for that bracket rolls over into the next round.

About Degis

Degis, the all-in-one protection market built on Avalanche, aims to protect your asset from every possible risk. The ultimate goal is to build an universal crypto protection platform and shape decentralized protection ecosystem.

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