Luxpad x Cryptagende Strategic Partnership

Published on: 17.08.2022
Luxpad x Cryptagende Strategic Partnership

Luxpad is thrilled to announce its new strategic partnership with Cryptagende, a grand, global-scale multiplayer adventure made possible with a new wave of blockchain technology.


Troubled by the global problem of overpopulation, millions of people have decided to transition their livelihoods into the virtual world of Cryptagende Verse. This world offered an unlimited spectrum of possibilities to explore and thrive in the vast virtual universe without the dangers and limitations of the reality. Filled with valuable items, resources, beautiful vistas and plentiful opportunities to succeed, the Cryptagende Verse soon became a viable alternative to the real world.
However, the urge to dominate and conquer, deeply ingrained in the human psyche motivated certain citizens of Cryptagende Verse to expand their ownership horizons. Soon, the richest residents began to hire skilled workers to craft weapons and tools, construct various buildings and establish virtual micro-civilizations. Thus, they have entered the birth of City-ctates, controlled by wealthy leaders striving to expand their territory and resources as much as possible.
For a short while, these flourishing communities managed to expand without any conflicts or opposition. However, the enormous world of Cryptagende was not actually limitless and an inevitable conflict of interest started to formulate with opposing leaders. As with the real world, each of the enigmatic city leaders wanted to enforce their governance over everyone else. Each of them had a distinct vision of a perfect Cryptagende Verse, and they were willing to fight for this cause.

And thus, they enter the age of the great conquest for the Cryptagende Verse. In this galaxy-wide tug of war, each player can forge their own destiny and fight for the liberation, or domination of Cryptagende Verse!

About Luxpad

Luxpad is a decentralized trustless launchpad platform where you can create your ERC-20 and BEP-20 token, NFT smart contract, fair-launch, or presale launchpad without any knowledge of coding using the Luxpad platform. You can do it all here. Launch your presale with Luxpad now. And also the cheapest service fee than other platforms.

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About Cyptagende

Cryptagende is a grand, global-scale multiplayer adventure made possible with a new wave of blockchain technology fused with the unprecedented power of Unreal Engine 5.

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