Crypto-Guilds Partners with Mad Metaverse

Crypto-Guilds Partners with Mad Metaverse

Crypto-Guilds has partners with Mad Metaverse, where you come to start creating, living, breathing NFTs. This is where you play God.

MAD Metaverse is a Gamified DeFi Ecosystem where you can enhance the performance, rarity & value of your NFTs. Users will be able to create living digital organisms, evolve NFTs, fight against other players, and collect $BIOMETA, the most precious resource in the MAD Metaverse.

The game focuses on the concept of Evolving NFTs, presenting players with three playable NFTs: MAD Metascientists, MAD Metacells, and MAD Nanocells. These dynamic NFTs are self-aware organisms whose attributes and artwork can evolve over time in response to gameplay and therefore increase in value.

It also features 3 Play&Earn Environments where you’ll be able to earn crypto and NFTs: The Lab, NanoWars & MAD Metaverse.

Experiment using tools in the Lab, evolve and mutate your NFTs, Evolve and Mutate your NFTs, create your own rarity. The MAD Metaverse is where you play God.

They’re excited to announce they are partnering with Crypto-Guilds to further extend their relationships with Gaming Guilds and other P2E projects in the space.

They will also venture into their ‘Shark Tank of the Metaverse’ soon!

Stay tuned!

Crypto-Guilds is the LinkedIn of the Metaverse; connecting Guilds, Games and Scholars.

They have developed G2G (Game to Guild) tools to help 100+ Games and Guilds within their ecosystem partner and grow together.

Crypto-Guilds is also enhancing mix-matching for our 1000+ Scholars (=Players & Metaworkers) helping them find gaming and earning opportunities (=Scholarships) in the Metaverse thanks to Guilds.

They believe you don’t start a business in the Metaverse, but you launch a Guild. Guilds will fuel the entire Metaverse economy with use-to-earn NFTs. More info in this thread.

You can join the Crypto-Guilds Alliance, a high-end community focused entirely on enhancing G2G. More info in this thread.

They are also the creator of The Tavern — Shark Tank of the Metaverse, where Games pitch to Guilds Leaders and VCs in a live YouTube event.

Join them in this Metadventure!

About Crypto-Guilds

Crypto-Guilds is the LinkedIn of the Metaverse, connecting thousands of Guilds and Scholars across blockchain Games and Metaverses. The #1 Guilds, Games, Scholars, and Scholarships marketplace.

The #1 Guilds, Games, Scholars, and Scholarships marketplace.


About Mad Metaverse

MAD Metaverse is a play-to-earn blockchain metaverse where players can own NFT characters and earn BIOMETA tokens on the Ethereum and Polygon networks. Player avatars are called MAD Metascientists, which are unique NFTs with various attributes.



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