DappPlayStore and Reaper Games Partnership

Published on: 27.09.2022
DappPlayStore and Reaper Games Partnership

DappPlayStore is thrilled to announce its partnership with the Reaper Games, the Life is short, Play more games platform.

What is Reaper Games?

Reaper Games is a blockchain gaming startup focused on developing innovative game products. They help to develop games that add features of the Play2Earn element that allows players to monetize their time spent in the game. Earning is normally in the form of cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The reaper game is currently working on a game known as the legend of Aria.

Legend of Aria is developed by the Citadel studios with an effort from Reaper game to incorporate the Play2Earn features in the game play. The game is basically a MMORPG NFT game that is taking the Play2Earn concept into a new height. It has multiplayer features and players can fully customize their experience.

The game is a Metaverse game where players can buy land, build theirs in the world, and participate in the vast world. Players can use different types of skills to earn digital assets and NFTs that can be minted and sold in the marketplace. It makes use of aria as the utility, staking and governance token.

The game skill

The gameplay relies on player action and player gains skill points based on the performance. Players are allocated with 100 skill points upon creation and the point can be distributed between four skills. Players can only obtain 29 skills currently but as the game develops more skills will be added. Each character’s skills are capped at a total of 600 skill points.

There are different types of skills, ranging for the trade skill and the combat skill. The trade skill can serve as a means of extra income for players. Examples of such skills are Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Cooking, Fabrication, Fishing e.t.c. combat skills any character can choose to train in any of the combat skills which include Animal Lore, Animal Taming, Archery, Bashing, Blocking e.t.c.

Rares NFTs & Collectibles

Legends of Aria give players the opportunity to acquire valuable and highly rare collectibles. Which can be displayed on the player character or in the house acquired by players in the metaverse. To produce rare items, players can combine different objects or weapons together to make a super rare or increase the power of the item using the Black Forge, located in Eldeir village. Rare items can be sold or purchased in the marketplace.

Customisable player housing

In the house features, players can have different types of houses on a housing plot. Places also have the ability to control the items within and inside the house. Items like NFT collection, furniture, crafting tools, and lockable storage containers can be put in the house. Players can build as many houses as they can fit on a single housing plot. However, only one housing plot is allowed for each player per device.

If a housing plot is already occupied with a house, an error will be displayed. To own a house, players do not need to hold a citizen pass or own a premium account and also will not be able to own a house or be added as friends or Co-Owners of other houses. This is to build a house; players need to own a housing blueprint which can be purchased in any carpenter or architect shop in player verinity. To rename or destroy their house, or manage friends or co-owners, players can double click on the house sign to open the house control.

By the virtue of this partnership, Reaper games will be joining the family of DApps on the DApp Play Store.

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