Assure Integrates Bandwidth and Energy

Published on: 21.10.2022
Assure Integrates Bandwidth and Energy

Assure Integrates Bandwidth and Energy, so users can stake TRX in Assure wallet to obtain bandwidth and energy.

Especially for users who have frequent transfers on the TRON network. Assure Integrates Bandwidth and Energy, staking TRX for bandwidth and energy can significantly reduce the cost of transfers.

Tutorial on how to stake TRX for bandwidth and energy.

Take the TRC20-USDT as an example, on the transfer page, click on the “Get more” portal to enter the “Get energy and bandwidth” page.

Staking (freeze) TRX

Resource — select [Bandwidth] or [Energy]
Recipient — select [you] or [another person’s address]
Number of staking TRX — 100 TRXs and above are recommended, staking TRX can be released after 3 days.

Click “Next” to complete the staking of TRX to obtain bandwidth and energy.

Staking (freeze) TRX

Calculation of bandwidth and energy from staking TRX

Bandwidth obtained by staking TRX = TRX staked / total TRX staked on the entire network * 43,200,000,000.
This means that all users share a fixed amount of bandwidth in equal proportions to the TRX staked.

Energy can only be acquired by staking TRX,

energy acquired = TRX staked / total TRX staked on the network * 50,000,000,000.
This means that all users share a fixed amount of energy equally in proportion to the TRX staked.

About Bandwidth and Energy

Bandwidth and energy are two important system resources of the TRON network. Bandwidth is a unit that measures the size of transaction bytes stored in the blockchain database. The larger the transaction, the more bandwidth resources will be consumed; each account has 1500 free bandwidth per day.

Assure is a web3.0 aggregator for digital asset management, as well as the portal for billions of users flowing from Web2.0 to Web3.0. Assure offers a secure, reliable, and user-friendly crypto self-custody service, which aims to achieve asset storage, trading match, and value-added for simpler and faster crypto management.

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