Dojima Network and Ruby Protocol Partnership

Published on: 02.11.2022
Dojima Network and Ruby Protocol Partnership

Dojima Network has formed a strategic partnership with Ruby Protocol, a privacy-centric web3 data management platform, to accelerate the data economy’s realization, as Dojima network creates a blockchain technology project aimed at enabling interoperability between different blockchains through the development of a robust cross-chain infrastructure and allowing developers and users to interact on a middle ground called a unity chain.

Ruby ensures that privacy is maintained where necessary within the Web3 space with its privacy-as-a-service platform.


As part of this partnership, Dojima Network will work with Ruby Protocol to create and integrate a private data management framework that proposes and implements a privacy layer that interacts with the multi-chain ecosystem to keep users safe from malicious actors.

This strategic alliance, they believe, positions the Dojima Network and Ruby Protocol as significant drivers of the already horizon self-sovereign data economy. Both teams believe that individual data monetization must be accelerated in order to reclaim data and privacy control in the web3 ecosystem.

More opportunities for integration are expected as the partnership grows stronger, as both infrastructures are built with a modular, flexible, and synergistic design.

They are very excited to collaborate with Ruby Protocol because it will be a mutually beneficial partnership that will make both projects more secure and establish an experimental space in which they can explore different options and address future risks.

They’re looking forward to getting to know the Ruby community and welcoming them to the Dojima family.


Ruby Protocol is a Layer 1 privacy blockchain that enables a private data management framework for Web 3.0. And also proposes and implements a privacy layer for interacting with the multi-chain ecosystem. It is a fine-grained private data access-control gateway across different entities. And also organizations in the decentralized and traditional financial world.

Ruby’s modular approach to data sharing and privacy protection makes it the ideal building block for privacy-compatible smart contract DApps. While also acting as a privacy layer for protocols and DApps.

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Dojima network is a cross-chain infrastructure that enables the seamless transfer of liquidity and data between different blockchains.

Dojima Network acts as a cross-chain bridge or a link between multiple layer-1 and layer-2 blockchains. As a result, developers can create cross-chain applications on this platform. Dojima Network also comes with a built-in cross-chain wallet.

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