Bitverse and Teleport Network Integration

Published on: 10.11.2022
Bitverse and Teleport Network Integration

Bitverse, a space to explore and manage the vast resources of Web3 has welcomed its first integration with innovative Web3 interoperability platform, Teleport Network.

The foundations of any viable entity in the blockchain industry are made far more solid by organic communities and formidable collaborations. Following the launch and announcement of Bitverse, they have not sat still and have sought out reputable projects to form the core of their foundational growth.

To this end, it is with great pleasure that they announce its first official integration with Teleport Network, a leading innovative blockchain interoperability protocol. Teleport Network takes an alternative approach to powering interoperability within the blockchain ecosystem, facilitating cross-ecosystem communication and transfer of Web3 data and assets. Leveraging its novel & pioneering infrastructure, Teleport Network delivers a robust suite of interoperable products for Web3 users.

Teleport Network adopts a community-centric approach to delivering on its vision to propel the industry to a multi-chain future. And champions the ideal that a strong community is essential to a project’s success and longevity. Bitverse and Teleport Network share similar sentiments in this regard. And will be embarking on a series of joint marketing efforts to reward protocol users and also Web3 enthusiasts.

Additionally, with Bitverse’s robust data algorithms built to deliver timely on-chain and relevant off-chain information & insights surrounding trending Web3 topics, the Teleport community will be at the forefront of harnessing credible Web3 data to their benefit.

Bitverse is set to launch its inaugural campaign in the coming days; Teleport Network users also get front-row seats in exploring everything the Bitverse ecosystem has to offer.

Teleport Network is an innovative interoperability platform geared with a mission to accelerate dApps and crypto assets towards a multi-chain future, and also it constantly implements new approaches to accomplish this. Teleport Network consists of a cross-chain messaging protocol developed for Teleport bridge implementation, an omni-chain wallet (TeleWallet). And also developer SDKs for cross-chain dApp integration.

The network is designed to facilitate cross-chain communication amongst disparate blockchains. As well as provide infrastructure and framework support for building interoperable dApps for the Web 3 economy. Granting users access to explore all chains, dApps, NFT projects, and other emerging markets within the industry.

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Bitverse is a data-driven protocol developed to deliver an all-in-one Web3 experience for users. Enabling the monitoring and aggregation of trending Web3 topics, projects, and assets. Bitverse leverages a robust data algorithm model to deliver unique insights on aggregated data from multiple Web3 and non-Web3 sources. To inform users on credible wealth creation and also profit-generating opportunities. Hence, users will be able to make profit-oriented decisions at any time in Bitverse.

The Bitverse ecosystem focuses and offers three primary services in one interface — Wallet services (Bitverse Wallet), Chain/Portfolio Tracking, and also Data Aggregation (Web3 & non-Web3) for optimized recommendations.

The first of many…

Bitverse X Teleport marks the first partnership in a long list of potential cooperations soon to be announced. With Bitverse’s aim to deliver timely and relevant trending topics powered by robust data structures and algorithms. Web3 users can conveniently harness Bitverse as a one-stop shop for all optimized Web3 recommendations to shape their investment decisions .

This partnership marks the beginning of many more to come as they prepare for Bitverse’s official inaugural campaign with a grand prize pool of 10000+ USDT for users to share.





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