Super Ultra and Conductive New Partnership

Published on: 14.11.2022
Super Ultra and Conductive New Partnership

Super Ultra is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Conductive, a Web2+3 platform building user acquisition tools to grow new and emerging Web3 companies.

Conductive builds Web3 tools to help companies improve their marketing, analytics, product development and more. Their mission is to build a new standard for marketing analytics and be the cornerstone for Web3 businesses.

The integration of these tools from Conductive will allow Super Ultra to enhance its user acquisition and retention, while also using these tools to improve their games and the overall gaming ecosystem. They will be using Conductive to analyze traffic on their hit games like Gachapon and upcoming games like Planet Giant (which recently won 2nd place in a renowned hackathon). The interesting part of the tools from Conductive is the easy integration. Where any project can start viewing their Web2+3 analytics by implementing one-single line of code.

They are also excited about the partnership as the insights will directly help them accelerate their growth and review where they need improvement. While also opening up new potential offerings for their clients considering the variety of tools Conductive has to offer.


Kevin Hardacre, Marketing Director at Super Ultra commented:

It is a very exciting opportunity to be partnering with Conductive. Not only does it open up new possibilities for us, but it also allows us to reflect upon Super Ultra’s growth metrics. Using Conductive’s toolkit, I am confident we will be able to better analyze our users and launch better marketing campaigns.

Steve Ip, CEO and Co-Founder of Conductive said:

Super Ultra presents a unique opportunity for Conductive to provide the necessary insights and analytics to help the project grow. Our primary platform, Insights, is a great fit for Web3 game developers who want to learn more about their users, including what they are playing and their level of engagement. We look forward to helping Super Ultra thrive in today’s data-driven Web3 environment and develop new strategies as they take their games to the next level.

About Super Ultra

Super Ultra is a game development and publishing studio based in Hong Kong. With a team of seasoned game developers, blockchain developers, and creatives. They are gamers at heart looking to bring accessible and addictively fun games to the world and most importantly – put the players first.

About Conductive

Conductive has built a Web3-native platform to help developers, marketers. And entrepreneurs make sense of their incoming Web2+3 data and form actionable insights. The company’s Insights platform offers comprehensive solutions to capture and measure vital. And diverse streams of data, create user segments, and engage Web3 communities effortlessly. With the goal to assist entrepreneurs who are building long-term sustainability in the Web3 space. Conductive aims to be the nerve center of substantial projects that will onboard the first billion Web3 users.





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