Alteon Partnership with Opera Crypto Browser

Published on: 10.12.2022
Alteon Partnership with Opera Crypto Browser, an all-in-one ecosystem for content creators whose mission is to democratize the creative process, announced a partnership with Opera Crypto Browser, the world’s first multi-platform Web3 browser.

This partnership of Alteon with Opera Crypto Browser will let users with little to no experience in Web3 or NFTs will be able to drag and drop any media file into the browser, which will automatically write a simple smart contract and upload the file to a blockchain, transforming NFTs into a media type accessible to all.

This ground-breaking tool, the first of its kind for any browser, democratizes NFTs, allowing artists of all backgrounds to connect to the Web3 creator economy.


The Alteon LaunchPad icon will become available on the left-hand sidebar of Opera Crypto Browser in the first quarter of 2023. Once opened, users will be able to drag and drop media files into Alteon LaunchPad, preview their NFT and review simplified properties of their smart contract. The smart contract ensures users themselves remain the legal owners of their media, underscoring the revolutionary changes in data privacy that Web3 represents. Users will then be able to share these media files with anyone they like or sell them on private marketplaces. All NFTs will be sent to a crypto wallet supported by Opera; if users don’t have one, they can quickly create an Opera Crypto Wallet in the browser.

Alteon LaunchPad comes on the heels of DegenKnows, Opera Crypto Browser’s new tool for NFT analytics, tracking and exploration, which helps users seamlessly discover, track and verify digital collectibles. Additionally, NFTs are once again flourishing in alternative markets. Social media giant Instagram recently announced that users would soon be able to mint and sell digital collectibles directly from their profiles, as well as share these assets cross-platform with Facebook. Social networking site Reddit has also seen stratospheric growth recently thanks to the launch of its digital collectible marketplace, defying the crypto winter as more than three million users to hold registered wallets.

About Alteon LaunchPad

In the spirit of building a creative community, Alteon will spotlight artists who’ve uploaded work via Alteon LaunchPad, filling the tool’s wallpaper with a new artist’s work on a rotating basis. The debut featured artist will be award-winning pop artist Kristin Simmons, whose sassy, provocative and acerbic works, employing paint, printmaking and mixed-media, provide a running commentary on herself and her contemporaries with a focus on hedonistic pleasures.

“As a modern artist, I’m always looking for new media and platforms to express ideas, but the recent explosion of NFTs made them seem obtuse and over-hyped,” Simmons said. “The more I learn about the technology, the more I realize that NFTs aren’t overpriced JPEGs. They’re a different canvas. When I share images of my art on social media, that company could claim rights to my work and sell my data to advertisers, but NFTs are different as they ensure my ownership and privacy.”

In the same way that Alteon is designed to streamline creative workflows, Opera Crypto Browser streamlines web browsing by including popular messaging platforms directly in the main sidebar, including Twitter, Telegram and Discord. The Crypto Browser offers internet users a simplified, one-stop window for interacting with the blockchains and protocols that make up the Web3 space. The Crypto Browser delivers access to multiple blockchain networks including Ethereum, Bitcoin, BNB, Polygon and others, as well as tens of thousands of dApps and protocols built on top of them. The browser also includes a secure clipboard, a built-in browser VPN and ad blocker.

About is democratizing the media industry by creating professional-grade tools that are accessible to all. By empowering content creators of all backgrounds with a fully streamlined workflow that lets them upload, share, collaborate, review and store projects in a single space, Alteon can cut production time from days to minutes. Alteon is likewise focused on bridging the gap between traditional creatives and the Web3 creator economy by simplifying NFT minting for anyone to dive in. Alteon is a subsidiary of Third Summit.

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About Opera

Opera is a global web innovator with an engaged and growing base of hundreds of millions of monthly active users who seek a better internet experience. Building on over 25 years of innovation that started with browser products, Opera is now leveraging its brand and highly engaged user base in order to expand its business into new segments. Today, Opera offers users around the world a range of products and services that include PC and mobile browsers, the newsreader Opera News, and apps dedicated to gaming, crypto, e-commerce and classifieds. In 2018, Opera introduced the first browser with a built-in crypto wallet and Web3 support.

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