Kana Labs Launch Staking Aggregator

Published on: 21.12.2022
Kana Labs Staking Aggregator

Kana Labs, a friendly super-app for decentralized finance, announced the launch of their Staking Aggregator.

Kana Labs Staking Aggregator provides users with a sort of gateway that allows them to access multiple service providers who provide staking services for a supported blockchain network through a single platform.


Kana Labs previously offered staking in Solana, but only through the mobile app platform. Users could use the mobile app to exchange their Solana tokens for Marinade finance’s mSol tokens.

Staking is a method for users to earn money in the cryptocurrency market with little to no risk. The user stakes the tokens in their holdings to help support the blockchain’s operation (particularly transaction validation) and is rewarded based on the contribution of their staking. The longer you stake, the greater your rewards.

Kana Labs Staking Aggregation

Kana Labs is now offering staking in its web app platform, which includes aggregation support. In staking, how does aggregation work? Because most DeFi users have previously used aggregation for swaps, some may find how aggregation works when it comes to staking strange or confusing.

Kana Labs is working to integrate different staking platforms built on supported blockchain networks into their platform. When they are integrated, when a chain’s source token is selected, users will be able to view a list of supported staking platforms for the selected token in a single location, from which they can choose to stake in their preferred platform.

As a staking aggregator, they provide users with a sort of gateway. That allows them to access multiple service providers who provide staking services for a supported blockchain network through a single platform. Furthermore, because they already support Mainnet activities in the Solana and Aptos ecosystems. The staking platform’s web app version will support aggregated staking for both Solana (Solana) and Aptos (Aptos) tokens.

They currently support Marinade and Lido staking for Solana, while we support the Aptos ecosystem with the Ditto platform. More platforms from respective ecosystems will add to their list of staking aggregation platforms.

About Kana Labs

Kana Labs is a wallet-based multi-functional product suite that caters to all key DeFi needs in Solana, Neon and many more ecosystems. Swap, stake, farm, lend, borrow, and more in a single multi-chain wallet-based application.

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