Umbrella Multichain now Live on Avalanche

Published on: 24.12.2022
Umbrella Network Expands Multichain Architecture to Avalanche

Umbrella Multichain now Live on Avalanche, In the AVAX ecosystem, Umbrella updates data points per minute, twice as other large Oracles for price pairs like AVAX-USD.

With more accurate data comes better service for end-users. Umbrella Multichain now Live on Avalanche, Over 400 projects on AVAX will now have access to their entire dataset with high frequency for a reasonable monthly flat fee. This allows for more predictable budgeting, and less surprises, in times of high market fluctuation when using deviation threshold based oracles.

And if the data-feed you need is not currently available in our current oracles, don’t worry, they can set it up and add it easily and quickly to their price feeds.

Web3 dApps can now have security, theoretically limitless data points, and high frequency for a fraction of the cost.

About Umbrella Network

Umbrella Network, a scalable, decentralized, community-owned oracle, employs Layer 2 technology to merge real-time data into smart contracts. Umbrella Network transfers the world’s data to blockchains to optimize DeFi apps’ information transmission. It thinks a decentralized oracle is essential to a decentralized financial space. Their other products include — Bridge, Options Pricing Data, Staking Portal, and more!

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About Avalanche

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