Cask Launches Chainlink Top-Ups

Published on: 06.01.2023
Cask Launches Chainlink Top-Ups

Cask launches Chainlink Top-Ups for seamless maintenance of VRF/Automation Balances. Cask is excited to announce the immediate availability of a new web3 money flow automation known as Chainlink Top-ups. 

The new Chainlink Top-ups flow monitors a project’s LINK balance in a given Chainlink service, and when that balance drops below a user-defined threshold, Cask will automatically swap for LINK on behalf of the user and deposit it into the Chainlink service. This new flow offers projects increased convenience, security, and dependability when using the Chainlink services they’ve come to rely on.

Chainlink services such as Automation and VRF require that projects pay in the LINK token. Maintaining the appropriate balance of LINK for their services has required projects to keep an adequate supply of LINK on hand, manually monitor their balances, and then manually deposit LINK when needed. As projects grow, launch on multiple chains, and deal with fluctuations in demand, this process becomes increasingly more complex to manage.

Cask itself relies upon Chainlink for services such as Automation and Price Feeds. As it looked to increase the reliability and optimization of its protocol, it became clear that Galileo needed a way to top up LINK balances automatically. While Cask initially built the top-up solution for self-use, it’s now open as a common good available to all web3 builders who rely upon Chainlink services.

How Chainlink Top-ups work

Chainlink Top-ups for Automation and VRF can be set up from the Cask dApp or Javascript SDK. The process is as follows.

Why automate Chainlink Top-ups using Cask?

Automating Chainlink Top-ups is as simple as defining a minimum threshold and a top-up amount. Cask will monitor your balance, swap for LINK, and top-up your balance whenever it’s needed.

The benefits of adding this type of automation include the following:

ABOUT Cask Protocol

Cask Protocol is a decentralized non-custodial protocol for powering money flow automation in Web3. Money flows include NFT subscriptions, auto investing (DCA), recurring peer-to-peer payments, and automatic decentralized protocol interactions. Cask Protocol believes that automation is key to Web3 adoption and is committed to building additional automation to bring value to Web3.

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