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The Fusion of DeFi and Sports Betting is an article expressing or analyzing how decentralized finance empowers the sports betting ecosystem. In recent years, the convergence of decentralized...
StellaSwap partners with ZooDAO for Asset Launch on Moonbeam’s Pulsar. ZooDAO is the first community-governed platform to enable users to generate passive income from NFTs via...
Bitizen Wallet partners with Ascendant a decentralized astrology ecosystem. Astrology is a long-lasting practice that has been used for centuries to provide insights into one’s...
Beamswap & DAM Finance Alliance was announced recently. The Beamswap DEX serves as the platform to bring the DAM Finance and GLMR Apes partnership to fruition and the new asset pool to...
DIA partners with Orbiter One a decentralized peer-2-peer lending and borrowing platform focused on cross-chain interoperability.  Orbiter One has officially integrated DIA’s transparent...
ICHI partners with Chainlink Automation to Power Deep-Liquidity Vaults. ICHI is leveraging Chainlink Automation to securely and cost-efficiently trigger ICHI Vault concentrated...
DIA introduces xLSD PRICE ORACLES for Liquid Staked Derivatives. The xLSD feeds unlock the true potential of Liquid Staked Derivatives by providing collateral-checked, fair-value price...
Pocket Network partners with GetBlock to expand multi-chain RPC Access. As the Web3 ecosystem continues to evolve, Pocket Network is always looking for new ways to provide unparalleled...
1inch $10M Delegation Incentive Program aims to incentivize the delegation of 1INCH stakers’ Unicorn Power to resolvers. Last December, in a breakthrough move set to take users’ DeFi...
Karura integrates with Kintsugi. Use Liquid Staked Kusama (LKSM) from Karura to secure Kintsugi’s Trustless Bitcoin Bridge. Liquid KSM (LKSM) can now be used as collateral for Kintsugi...
Beamer Bridge launched on Arbitrum One. Users can now bridge their USDC from/to Arbitrum One. Beam your ERC20 assets between EVM-compatible rollups with certainty, speed, and...
BurnKoin Staking Guide is here to provide step-by-step ways to stake KOIN tokens. Burn Koin is the first burn pool developed for Koinos. “Burn pool” is just the name we use for...
Autofarm introduces AI-Fi. AutoFarm releases AutoLabs to research, develop and integrate AI into AutoFarm’s products.  The Autofarm platform, the leading lowest fee multi-chain DEX &...
Exactly Protocol raises $2M in funding and launches on Ethereum Mainnet with fixed and variable interest rates to complete the DeFi credit market. Exactly Protocol is thrilled to announce...
TOKENIK partners with HYVE a Uniswap for work and freelancing, creating uniquely collaborative ecosystems and enhancing freelancing to a whole new level. Users can now send or receive...
Maiar transforms into xPortal. First introduced at X Day, xPortal takes the Maiar experience and further elevates it by expanding on its features and scope. Set for launch on February 28th,...
Polarys integrates with Chainlink Price Feeds to help secure the best prices on its Multichain Launchpad and Minting Engine. Polarys is a Web3 platform. It also enables athletes, clubs, and...
Flamingo Second Wave of LP (Liquidity Pools) including FUSD. Flamingo Finance is thrilled to announce more changes to its liquidity pools, including the FUSD launch and adding FUSD...
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