Uptick Network and Nodejumper Cooperation

Published on: 10.01.2023
Uptick Network and Nodejumper Cooperation

Uptick Network, the business-grade NFT infrastructure for Web 3.0, have reached strategic cooperation with Nodejumper on Uptick Chain Testnet 2.0 and the upcoming Mainnet to provide stable and professional validator node services.

As a professional validator & open-source contributor, Nodejumper will support Uptick Network in running validation services on the Mainnet chain, as well as provide node management tools, analytics and know-how. They offer modern infrastructural services for different blockchains and have already provided safe staking services to delegators of the Cosmos ecosystem. The professional node management experience from Nodejumper will also bring higher security to Uptick Network.

As a strategic partner, Nodejumper will collaborate with Uptick Network in public relations efforts to promote awareness of Uptick Network in the community and bring in delegation from the Nodejumper community. Uptick Network will also provide the best support to Nodejumper on delegation service and activities in the community.

Nodejumper is a professional PoS validator and staking service provider for Cosmos ecosystem projects. The validation portfolio includes 30+ chains that are running on top-level hardware. As a tech team, Nodejumper has lots of experience in both classical and blockchain product development. Also, its activity includes open-source contributions and conference & meetup presentations for the crypto community.

Nodejumper values are:
– Build relationships
– Be curious & open
– Make a difference every day

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Uptick Network provides a comprehensive NFT business infrastructure for Web 3.0, including but not limited to: NFT Asset Life Cycle Management, NFT Metadata Standards, Decentralized Data Management, Rights Management, Gamification Engine, Multi-Chain and Cross-Chain Transferability and Interoperability Hub, etc.

They empowers a wide variety of ecosystem applications, with a focus on Pan-Entertainment and Lifestyle industries. Uptick NFT App is the first flagship mobile native all-in-one NFT app in the ecosystem, covering Crypto Art, Digital Collectibles, Virtual Goods, Music, Video, E-Publication, E-Ticketing, and the Fan Economy.

Uptick Network is building commercial-grade NFT infrastructure and ecosystems with multi-chain and cross-chain interoperability. There are three major elements of Uptick Network — Uptick NFT infrastructure, Uptick NFT marketplace, and Uptick NFT ecosystem applications.

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