Kana Labs Launched Liquidity & Bridge Aggregator SDK

Published on: 13.01.2023
Kana Labs Liquidity and Bridge Aggregator SDK

Kana Labs, a wallet-based multi-functional product suite that caters to all key DeFi needs in Solana, Neon Labs and many more ecosystems have launched its liquidity and bridge aggregator SDK.

Kana Labs is proud to announce the launch of its liquidity and bridge aggregator SDK. This SDK is a middleware that enables third-party developers/founders/dapps who are unfamiliar with blockchain technology to easily build their product on top of their SDK as a front-end version using standard languages such as javascript and python.

The New SDK Product

The Kana Labs product suite has so far taken a B2C approach helping simplify DeFi for all participants, be it new users looking to try out cryptocurrencies or experienced DeFi practitioners. With the launch of our new SDK product, we are taking our first step into the B2B business arena.

The SDK, composed of two layers, the first of which aggregates liquidity from a variety of dApps built on supported blockchain networks. The second layer is made up of bridges, built into the Kana Labs product suite, allowing users to perform cross-chain transactions across all blockchain networks that have been integrated into the Kana Labs product suite. Kana Labs’ product suite is a user-friendly multi-chain DeFI super app that helps its users simplify various day-to-day operations such as send and receive, swap, stake, lend and borrow, and yield generation.

In the market, there are numerous liquidity aggregators and cross-chain service providers.

What Makes their SDK so Unique?

The majority of liquidity aggregation and cross-chain bridges found in today’s market focus on a single DeFi operation — Swap. However, DeFi is not limited to Swaps, and  their SDK supports a variety of DeFi operations including Swap, Stake, Yield Generation, Lend, and Borrow. Most cross-chain platforms that support multiple chains make bridging via EVMs possible.

This SDK will revolutionize cross-chain transactions in today’s DeFi industry because it covers liquidity aggregation for various DeFi operations such as Swap, Stake, and Lend and Borrow under a single UI, and their cross-chain solution includes many core-non EVM chains. Another notable feature is that their SDK supports multi-platform access, allowing it to use to develop apps for both desktop and mobile platforms.

Developers can interact with a larger audience base from multiple chains, resulting in a higher flow of liquidity, while users can interact with a diverse range of dApps from various blockchains through a single UI. Both web2 developers who are new to crypto and those who are already in the blockchain space and want to expand to different networks without the hassle of learning the core concepts of different blockchains can easily build their products on top of our SDK, making it an appealing product for devs/founders.

About Kana Labs

Kana Labs is a wallet-based multi-functional product suite that caters to all key DeFi needs in Solana, Neon and many more ecosystems. Swap, stake, farm, lend, borrow, and more in a single multi-chain wallet-based application.

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