Saga and Openfort Strategic Partnership

Published on: 13.01.2023
Saga and Openfort Strategic Partnership

Saga is pleased to announce a partnership with Openfort, a Web3 project that is building powerful Web3 wallets for gamers and gaming companies.

Openfort is built for developers who don’t want to settle for the current state of blockchain enabled games and also aren’t going to let old infrastructure get in the way of what they need. Openfort gives developers the tools to use blockchain without disrupting user experience; players benefit from true ownership while also having full immersion within a specific game.

Saga is building Web3 infrastructure solutions to enable developers to build applications with their own dedicated block space. Dedicated block space ensures high throughput, no dependencies on other applications using Saga, easy upgradability and congestion relief. In addition, gas fees for infrastructure remain predictable and are by default hidden from the end user, allowing developers to use any token or currency for their applications. The automated deployment of dedicated blockspace will be secured via interchain security by the same set of validators that underlie the Saga mainnet.

Openfort enables the building of amazing Web3 wallets via a world-class SDK and an amazing set of APIs. For example, the SDK allows for batch transactions. Which can enable end-users to bundle transactions together and also optimize for gas costs. Developers can enable multi-chain transactions across a variety of crypto networks. The SDK can even enable OAuth account creation and log-in, which can allow for Web3 wallets to feel more like a Web2 experience.

Openfort will be exploring Saga and their chainlet infrastructure for potential integrations with their SDK.

“We are thrilled to partner with Saga, a leader in the cosmos space and promoter of the next wave of app and cgame chains. By integrating their technology into Openfort. We are able to provide our users with a streamlined and secure way to manage their accounts. This partnership is a major step forward for both of our companies, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for our collaboration.” Joan Alavedra, Co-Founder, Openfort

“The next big challenge for wallets is to handle the multichain world in a seamless way. This is on top of the existing needs around UI/UX improvements. Openfort is a rare project that is tackling both at the same time in a uniquely innovative way. And we’re so excited to have them in our Innovator Program!” Rebecca Liao, Co-Founder & CEO, Saga.

About Openfort

Openfort building an account abstraction infrastructure for the rapidly growing blockchain gaming market. Through their SDK, developers can create programmable wallets to empower users and also own the full experience.

Using their SDK, create accounts on behalf of your users without disrupting their experience or compromising on asset custody and also developer experience.

About Saga

Saga is a protocol that allows developers to take a single tenant VM and also automatically launch it onto a dedicated blockchain, complete with fully provisioned validators and an optimally incentivized security structure.

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