Uldor, an MMORPG Set in a Fantasy Universe

Published on: 26.01.2023
Uldor, an MMORPG Set in a Fantasy Universe

Introducing Uldor, a free-to-play web3 MMORPG being developed in UE5. Players will be able to compete head-to-head in the PvP arena, fight over territory in faction battles, and explore the vast open world where they quest to fight epic beasts and conquer dungeons.

World of Uldor

The most exciting mode is the World of Uldor, an open world adventure mode where players can truly experience the depth of the world and play the game how they want! The World of Uldor will be an MMORPG with it’s own economy, questing, PvP, and plenty of sandbox gameplay.

Resource Plots

Players can visit resource plots to gather the resources they need for crafting or for selling on the marketplace. If you own a resource plot, you can visit it anytime and gather from it until it is tapped out, then wait a short while until you can gather from it again. If you do not own a resource plot, you can visit plots owned by other players in exchange for a small fee.

There are 4 types of resource plots: rocky areas for mining metals or minerals, water zones for fishing, fertile plains for agriculture and farming, and forests for timber as well as hunting wild game. For each resource plot type, there are sub-types with different features which determine the specific resources you may be able to harvest.

Resource Plots can be staked, allowing for other players to harvest from them for a fee. This allows the owner to earn currency from their plots while providing valuable resources to the in-game economy.


Players may choose to be an adventurer where they travel from town to town helping people, much like the campaign mode. Instead, you may want to become a merchant where you visit the marketplaces of different towns buying and reselling goods as you see opportunities for profit. Another profession would allow players to cultivate useable crops. The world will have housing where players can store, organize, and also show off their loot.

You will even have some business opportunities where you may create or acquire a business in the world. Some in-game establishments can be player owned. Spend the day in a tavern you own and interact with other players who come in to relax and spend currency. There will be mechanics built to enable many styles of gameplay to give players the choice of making the game cater specifically to them, while at the same time having exciting gameplay and rich story built into the world for those who want more of a fun and fast gaming experience.


Uldor will have a marketplace where players can trade items they acquire while playing or buy items they want to enhance their gameplay. Some items will be cosmetic or collectables, others will be supplies and usable items to aid players in their adventures.

Gas, L1, L2?

The hero class characters (Guardians and Furies) will be minted and stored on the Ethereum blockchain. The team are big believers in Ethereum and feel like it provides the most long-term value for projects in its ecosystem. The gameplay and additional assets characters earn will primarily take place on a layer 2 solution. While you are free to move or sell a character at any time, in-game assets are what most players are going to move and interact with on a daily basis, so ensuring those assets are in a low transaction fee environment is a priority of the team.


They have plans for an in-game currency with a fixed supply. In-game currencies usually start out fine, but many eventually run into natural economic issues like inflation (prices of goods continue to rise as players have more and more currency). As long-time gamers, their team is dedicated to developing a fair and sustainable game economy. Prior to the game launch they will release the in-game token with full details about the supply mechanics.


Hero class characters (Guardians and Furies) can be staked to allow for free-to-play players to use them for a share of rewards. You can also stake Resource Plots to allow players to harvest from your plots for a fee. They will announce details about the game token and potential staking prior to its launch, so stay tuned for updates!

Become a player of Uldor to explore the lands, encounter dangerous beasts, fight in epic battles, and gain loot from your adventures. Be the hero of your own story and also earn rewards for helping the people you encounter.

Uldor Social Links:

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