StarHeroes and GameSwift Official Partnership

Published on: 09.02.2023
StarHeroes and GameSwift Official Partnership

StarHeroes,  skill-based third person shooter powered by digital collectibles has now officially landed on GameSwift, The Ultimate Web3 gaming platform.

Your favorite space themed TPS will soon be available on the GameSwift Platform with full integration with GameSwift Launcher and ID.

Backed by the tech giant Microsoft, StarHeroes has already made waves as one of the hottest web3 gaming titles through its dynamic and competition-based gameplay, active community, and strong focus on esports. It’s currently the second most streamed web3 game on Twitch, holding regular tournaments for players worldwide!

This skill-based third-person shooter allows you to build your dream space fleet and feel the power of intense intergalactic battles from the comfort of your home. With over 2.5 years in the making, StarHeroes has a chance to take the web3 gaming market by storm thanks to its well-thought-out quality gameplay that players really seek in today’s blockchain games.

As the game is approaching its open beta launch, GameSwift is excited to welcome it to their family and let their #GSwiftArmy seize the true gaming emotions that come as a package to the StarHeroes game!

StarHeroes will soon be available on their Platform, which means you will open it smoothly through the Launcher and connect the game with your own personal gaming ID, gathering all your assets and statistics in one place.

Next, you can expect a release of your inner esports player in some exciting events held by GameSwift and StarHeroes in the upcoming weeks. More details will follow soon!

The space adventure awaits, #GSwiftArmy, so strap in and prepare for takeoff!

About GameSwift

GameSwift is a game-changing product that is changing the web3 gaming industry.

As a decentralized and community-driven ecosystem, they provide all the elements required to build a true web3 gaming empire. It is a 360-degree platform for game developers and gaming studios. Offering all of the tools necessary to launch web2 games into the web3 environment. As well as a space for true gamers who want to participate in the crypto world and become a part of web3.

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About StarHeroes

StarHeroes, the first multiplayer third-person space shooter designed for esports. With its top-quality dynamic and competitive gameplay. StarHeroes provides players with what they crave most: true gaming emotions.

StarHeroes features a variety of non-fungible tokens, including StarHeroes NFTs and NFT skins. All of them have unique features and utilities. The main NFTs are StarHeroes as they allow players to earn the $STAR token!

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