HyperSDK Virtual Machines on Avalanche

Published on: 23.02.2023
HyperSDK Virtual Machines on Avalanche

HyperSDK Virtual Machines on Avalanche, providing developers a foundation to build the fastest blockchains in the world.

Building on Avalanche with custom VMs is strong. HyperSDK Virtual Machines on Avalanche makes custom VM development faster and safer, making it easy to deploy your optimized blockchain.

HyperSDK offers industry-leading speed and frees builders to concentrate on the modifications that are important to them by abstracting away typical runtime difficulties. The ability to fine-tune the architecture for better playability, for instance, allows an operator to launch an on-chain video game with the confidence that HyperSDK will execute their transactions swiftly and effectively in the background.

HyperSDK enables developers connect to a lightning-fast execution environment without writing any code, reducing blockchain runtime from months to days.

HyperSDK lets Avalanche builders unleash their creativity with NFT markets and DeFi protocols. IndexVM demo can be found here.

The HyperSDK public devnet will launch publicly in the near future with native Avalanche Warp Messaging support. Developers that want to participate can prepare by joining the HyperSDK DiscordBuilders Discussion and GitHub Repo.

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SOURCE: https://medium.com/avalancheavax/introducing-hypersdk-a-foundation-for-the-fastest-blockchains-of-the-future-a6b1609a6862

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