Earn MEV Rewards by Staking with P2P on Solana

Published on: 11.03.2023
MEV Rewards by Staking with P2P on Solana

P2P stakers on Solana validators can earn additional rewards from MEV through staking with newly launched MEV-enabled clients. 

Users can now earn MEV rewards by staking with P2P on Solana, P2P will use the open-source Jito-Solana Client, which has been audited by Neodyme, a leading security and blockchain auditing firm. Jito-Solana represents a meaningful improvement to Solana’s validator software.

What is MEV?

MEV, or maximum extractable value, is an emerging capability in the blockchain industry that allows validators to maximize their profits by reordering, including, or excluding transactions in the blocks they produce. By developing a MEV-enabled client that operates on validators, P2P has granted its users the power to tap into MEV opportunities. As a result, this has the potential to boost the staker’s annual percentage rate (APR) and elevate the overall quality of the Solana network.

MEV-boosted client adoption

However, P2P plans to use the Jito-Solana Client, an open-source client that has been audited by Neodyme, a reputable security and blockchain auditing firm, to maximize MEV rewards for stakers. With the specific aim of optimizing MEV rewards and distributing them more efficiently among network validators and stakers, the Jito-Solana Client represents a significant upgrade to Solana’s validator software. Jito-Solana was also designed to improve network efficiency and combat spam, with one of its features being the optimization of transaction processing. By bundling transactions and optimizing transaction ordering, Jito-Solana is able to reduce the number of duplicated and unnecessary transactions, leading to faster processing times and more efficient transaction processing.

There are various ways to earn rewards in the cryptocurrency world, and staking SOL tokens is one of them. By staking SOL, users can support the blockchain network and also earn rewards for their contributions. Moreover, P2P’s new program allows users to earn MEV rewards on top of their staking rewards.

To participate in the program, users need to stake their SOL tokens with P2P on the Solana blockchain. The platform distributes rewards to each user in proportion to the amount of SOL they have staked. In other words, the more SOL a user stakes, the higher the MEV rewards they can potentially receive.

P2P MEV Program

P2P’s MEV rewards program is a great opportunity for users to earn additional rewards while contributing to the security of the Solana network. By staking with P2P, users can earn both staking rewards and MEV rewards, making it a lucrative opportunity for those interested in maximizing their earnings.

In conclusion, P2P’s new program allows users to earn MEV rewards by staking their SOL tokens on the Solana blockchain. By participating in this program, users can contribute to the security of the network and earn rewards for their efforts. With the increasing popularity of Solana and the DeFi space, this program presents a great opportunity for users to maximize their earnings while supporting the growth of the ecosystem.

About P2P

P2P Validator began in 2018 with a mission to positively influence the development of POS technologies. As of the latest update, over 35,000 delegators across 40+ networks have staked more than 750 million USD value with P2P Validator. Their team works hand-in-hand with every network we support to propel each project’s development beyond its limits.

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About Jito Labs

Jito Labs is the first MEV Infrastructure Company building high-performance systems to scale Solana and maximize validator rewards.

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