Mirror World Partners with Chainbase

Published on: 20.03.2023
Mirror World Partners with Chainbase

Mirror World, the first all-in-one Web3 application development platform has announced its strategic partnership with Chainbase, the leading provider of Web3 data infrastructure.

The partnership aims to provide a seamless and secure bridge between the traditional Web2 world and the decentralized Web3 world.

Mirror World and Chainbase Partnership Highlights:

Mirror World was built to simplify the process of building Web3 web and mobile applications for high-conversion or even for hobbyists that want to build simple applications. The notion of making on-chain development easier and more efficient perfectly aligns with Chainbase’s belief that Web3 developers should focus more on shipping the product and let us handle all the data and backend hassles.
Under the partnership, Chainbase and Mirror World will together explore providing an all-in-one Web3 developer toolbox to facilitate a seamless process of application deployment, backend maintenance, and more informed decision-making based on insights derived from on-chain data.
“We are thrilled to establish a strategic partnership with Mirror World to discover more innovative use cases for Web3. Chainbase has always been working on minimizing the developers’ effort while building on-chain applications, and it’s just great to work together with like-minded teams.” —— Said @Bruce Lee, Head of Data at Chainbase.
Mirror World’s Multi-Chain Smart Platform offers a range of products including a Smart Marketplace, Smart NFT Management, Smart Auth. And Smart Wallet, making it easy for developers to build their Web3 projects. It is now available for beta access on Mirror World’s website.
“Developers can now more freely launch their blockchain applications and acquire and convert users. At the end of the day, studios and protocols need to generate revenue with real users instead of hyping up a triple-digit user number,” Said @Jonas Bakebwa, the CTO of Mirror World.
With Mirror World’s easy-to-use Web3 development platform and Chainbase’s all-in-one data infrastructure. The two companies are well-positioned to lead the charge in the mass adoption of Web3.

About Smart Platform by Mirror World

Mirror World, the first all-in-one Web3 application development platform backed by Galaxy Interactive, Republic Crypto, and more. Debuted an all-in-one development platform for forward-thinking blockchain projects to reimagine app development.
Smart Platform is the first all-in-one application development platform that helps developers deploy, grow and monetize their blockchain applications. Smart Platform offers first-class mobile support.

About Chainbase

Chainbase is an all-in-one data infrastructure for Web3 that allows you to index, transform, and use on-chain data at scale through APIs, pipelines, and SQL. By leveraging enriched on-chain data and streaming computing technologies across one data infrastructure. Chainbase automates the querying and indexing of blockchain data, enabling developers to accomplish more with less effort.


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