Rigel Collaborates with XPLUS

Published on: 21.03.2023
Rigel Collaborates with XPLUS

Rigel collaborates with XPLUS to expand its token utilities and provide more market opportunities for its products. XPLUS aims to guide web2 users to the web3 world seamlessly.

The XPLUS BETA Phase one had more than 10k active user registrations within one month of its launch. Recently Rigel Protocol is focusing on developing more B2B models like X-Drop, a campaign incentive platform that is in the testing stage. X-Planet provides various business solutions. They’re like traffic aggregators for web3 projects.

X-Wallet has been launched on IOS, it supports cross-chain crypto assets swap, and there’ll be more discounts when creating X-Drop campaigns by using it.

XPLUS not only wants to attract web2 users to web3 but also hopes to provide marketing help for other projects.

More Information About XPLUS

XPLUS’s evolutionary ecosystem plays an important role in creating lasting social change. XPLUS believes socializing is essential in everyone’s daily life, and therefore, there is economic value in socializing.

The XPLUS ecosystem empowers content creators and users to contribute to the Web3 economy. It’s a next-level social networking platform where users can get rewards for social activities.

The $RGP Token

The $RGP token, use to reward the Liquidity Providers. Rigel Protocol is completely designed, set up, developed, and driven by the Rigel Protocol community. Yield farmers and lending providers can receive $RGP tokens.

Rigel Protocol Yield Farming feature protects cash-flow providers by having a Considerable APY(Annual Percentage Yield). Power and ownership keeps within the user, leaving control of the funds to the community in a decentralized and non-custodial way.

ABOUT Rigel Protocol

Rigel Protocol is the blockchain Decentralized protocol for all your Defi Needs. A protocol built to improve and touch up existing Decentralized Finance (DeFi) features while introducing several innovative DeFi products to propel scalability, security in the Blockchain, user experience, and adoption. Rigel Protocol focuses on building Dapps with the best user experience at low fees.

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XPLUS is the gateway to SocialFi on Web3 – Briding Web2 Social Media to Web3 Space. The platform is building the first SocialFi gateway, which empowers users to earn by monetizing social activities and building communities.

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Rigel Protocol

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