VoxNET is now on GameSwift

Published on: 11.04.2023
VoxNET is now on GameSwift

GameSwift announces its new partnership with VoxNET, an arena-style battle game with unique play-to-earn opportunities. Immerse yourself in the world of VoxNET, where every minute spent in the game is a chance to earn treasures. Let’s play, connect, and reap the bountiful rewards!

Hold onto your seats as they present the ultimate arena-style battle game — VoxNET! With its innovative features like bet-to-earn mechanics, this thrilling adventure will leave you hooked and hungry for more.

VoxNet is more than just your average battle game. It’s a fully-realized blockchain platform with advanced mechanics that immerse players in an arena-style gaming experience. This dynamic world is populated by over 5,000 unique characters, each existing within a fully-realized environment that operates on a 24-hour cycle. Whether you’re looking to battle players from around the globe, trade with fellow gamers, or wager on games for a chance to earn serious rewards, VoxNet delivers it all.

VoxNET evolves into a captivating social experience that generously rewards players for their time and dedication. With features like bet-to-earn and proof-of-play mechanics, players can earn money while enjoying their favorite game. You can engage in thrilling bet battles with fellow gamers, create instant tournaments, and participate in Cash games while testing your skills to win rewards.

Moreover, VoxNet offers a seamless cross-platform experience that allows you to play from any device, whether it’s a PC, Android, iOS, or Mac. Regardless of the device used, all players engage in gameplay with one another, opening doors to new connections and the opportunity to battle with everyone.

VoxNET boasts a distinct attribute that sets it apart — a progressive dividend system. By simply holding VoxNet tokens in any wallet and linking it to your game account, players can revel in a 50% share of the game’s revenue. Your earnings are proportionate to the number of tokens held, making it a seamless and lucrative experience.

If you’re looking for an exciting and fulfilling new game, look no further than VoxNET, soon available on the GameSwift Platform. Boasting inventive gameplay features such as bet-to-earn, cross-platform compatibility, and a cutting-edge dividend system, VoxNet is guaranteed to captivate you for hours on end.

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About GameSwift

GameSwift is a game-changing product that is changing the web3 gaming industry.

As a decentralized and community-driven ecosystem, they provide all the elements required to build a true web3 gaming empire. It is a 360-degree platform for game developers and also gaming studios. Offering all of the tools necessary to launch web2 games into the web3 environment. As well as a space for true gamers who want to participate in the crypto world and become a part of web3.

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