IXIRPad New Partnership with WeSleep

IXIRPad New Partnership with WeSleep

IxirPad has announce a new partnership with WeSleep, a sleep-to-earn Web3 app that incentivizes users to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle on a daily basis.

Project Overview

WeSleep is a mobile app which tracks health, gps and motion data through API in order to evaluate and distribute rewards to users

WeSleep is a Web3 app with inbuilt Game-Fi elements rewarding users for their sleep time on a daily basis as well as incentivising them to build a healthier and more active lifestyle.

At its core WeSleep app will allow users to monetise their sleep time by rewarding them with $ZZZ tokens. In order to be eligible for rewards users will need to hold at least one Sleepie, that has a specific set of attributes such as drowsiness, fatigue, luck or devotion, which altogether define a daily rewards cap.

In addition, users will get Daily/Weekly Tasks such as:

  • Walk 10,000 Steps
  • Burn 2,000 Kcal
  • Do a 30 min gym session. etc

Important: WeSleep is currently developing and preparing a Beta version of the application, so whitepaper contents are subjects to change.

About WeSleep

WeSleep is a Web3 application with inbuilt Game-Fi elements which does not only reward users for their sleep time but most importantly — incentivises them to build a healthier and more active lifestyle.

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About IxirPad

IXIRPad is the worlds first launchpad to protect small investors. When participating in IDOs on ixirPad, the priority is the time to be staked rather than the amount staked.




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