OOPA Collaboration with Avascan

Published on: 29.04.2023
OOPA Collaboration with Avascan

OOPA Collaboration with Avascan, OOPA’s Connecting Avalanche program will build strategic alliances with significant participants in the Avalanche ecosystem, connect communities, and develop the network.

OOPA’s community is renowned and has a burgeoning SubDAO ecosystem to support connections.

Avascan is a pioneer in the development of cutting-edge blockchain exploration tools for the Avalanche network. These tools provide Avascan’s users the capacity to dig deeply into the inner workings of the distributed ledger technology.


OOPA is creating two traits which will reflect Avascan style and colours. The features reflect Avascan’s distinct individuality and the Avalanche ecosystem’s creativity and collaboration.

  • 5 for the Avascan team
  • 5 for the Avascan treasury
  • 1 in a giveaway during the Spaces
  • 4 as prizes during the community event
  • 5 reserved for OOPA’s upcoming raffle feature

About OPPA

OOPA, a unique and innovative NFT collection built on the Avalanche (AVAX) network. Their collection offers a wide range of utility and freedom to the NFT owner, allowing them to customise their NFT’s in exciting and meaningful ways.

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About Avascan 

The Avascan explorer is the answer: designed with speed, privacy, and scalability in mind to be a one-stop-shop, it allows users to browse, and developers to BUIDL on its APIs.

Website | Twitter

SOURCE: https://medium.com/@pmstudios/oopa-and-avascan-take-a-step-toward-connecting-avalanche-ec417853eb31

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