Ludena Protocol and MetaClash Integration

Published on: 03.05.2023
Ludena Protocol and MetaClash Integration

Ludena Protocol has formed a strategic integration with the Unreal Engine-based vehicle combat game, MetaClash, for the expansion of the Web3 gaming ecosystem. Both companies have agreed to continue their close cooperation for the expansion of the global Web3 gaming ecosystem through this partnership.

MetaClash (MetaClash: Digital Avatars of Destruction) is a Web3 sci-fi vehicular combat game inspired by titles such as Twisted Metal, Warthunder, and Crossout. It is a competitive, large-scale multiplayer online shooting game in which players can customize their combat vehicles, adventure with PFP avatars, battle in various game modes, and interact in a Play-and-Earn metaverse.

More About MetaClash

MetaClash, which is about to release its alpha version at the end of Q1 2023, aims to meet the high standards of entertainment in Web3 gaming with its unique setting, complex story, and compelling gameplay. It is poised for the release of its beta version and its Genesis NFT launch this year. These NFTs provide unique vehicle parts and a number of benefits ranging from in-game assets to storytelling-exclusive products. Those who own them become the core of the MetaClash community and enjoy all the benefits it has to offer.

Ludena Protocol officials said, “The collaboration between MetaClash and Ludena, which is creating innovative Web3 games to overcome the trials and errors of existing P2E games, is expected to have a practical effect on the global Web3 gaming ecosystem of both companies.”

Ludena Protocol is a blockchain game platform based on the social app GameTalkTalk, which has accumulated more than three million downloads. Recently, it has been focused on expanding the global gaming ecosystem by strengthening its global GameFi service and hosting the self-published NFT game, Kanimal Clash Game Competition.

MetaClash: Digital Avatars of Destructions makes use of native blockchain technology, allowing players to enjoy a seamless Play-and-Earn gaming experience. Gamers will be divided into three factions and automatically become a part of the larger project spectrum. Including RPG narrative experiences, native $PCORE staking, and governance.

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About Ludena Protocol

Ludena Protocol is a blockchain-based Play-to-Earn gaming social platform with over 3 million global gaming users. We will continue to onboard new Play-to-Earn games through the infinitely scalable GamTalk DApp.

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