Avascan 1-Click Explorer ICE

Published on: 06.05.2023
Avascan 1-Click Explorer ICE

Avascan 1-Click Explorer ICE concept for every subnet brings unprecedented convenience, efficiency, and scalability.

Introducing ICE, the Avascan 1-Click Explorer that allows easy access to every subnet. This groundbreaking idea represents the start of a new era in multi-chain blockchain exploration and is a significant advancement in offering users a smooth and effective method for navigating the constantly changing landscape of app-chains and next-generation blockchain networks.

The goal of Avascan has always been to provide users access to a single platform from which they can see everything that is occurring on the Avalanche network. With the launch of ICE, they’re one step closer to realizing that goal and ushering in a new era of multi-chain explorers who can easily adjust to the rapidly evolving state of blockchain technology.

ICE is capable of supporting a variety of use cases, from DeFi-oriented explorers to NFT-focused and GameFi app-chains explorers, thanks to our powerful indexer and a selection of customized front-ends.

Ava Labs has been using ICE to index new subnets quickly and efficiently, taking just a few hours to fully index them. This cutting-edge technology has the potential to index any blockchain, making it the ideal companion for Core, Ava Labs’ wallet that now supports Bitcoin and serves as the hub for Avalanche-native users.

Avalanche is introducing ICE-made explorers with Core to boost visibility for their ecosystem and other platforms. ICE is a Made in Avalanche technology, and is an example of how it can foster innovation that benefits other ecosystems. It is a great example of how Avalanche can benefit other ecosystems.

ICE only support EVM blockchain at the moment, but support for more VMs will come.

About Avascan

Avascan is the most complete and advanced block explorer for the Avalanche network, and the world’s first truly integrated multi-chain explorer.

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SOURCE: https://medium.com/avascan/introducing-ice-the-future-of-blockchain-explorers-made-in-avalanche-6256095c1497

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