Avalanche Fuji now Supports Chainlink Functions

Published on: 13.05.2023
Avalanche Fuji now Supports Chainlink Functions

Avalanche Fuji now Supports Chainlink Functions unlocks an entirely new frontier of Web3 and Web2 integrations. 

Chainlink Functions— a serverless developer platform that empowers anyone to easily connect a smart contract to any Web2 API—is now live on the Avalanche Fuji now Supports Chainlink Functions.

Chainlink Functions aims to make it possible for Web3 developers to connect their smart contracts off-chain in minutes, unlocking a multitude of new possibilities and paving the way for more advanced Web3 applications that combine traditional systems and technologies with blockchains’ transparency, security, and efficiency.

Any Data, Any Device, Any System With Just a Few Lines of Code

Chainlink Functions acts as a decentralized compute runtime to test, simulate, and run custom logic off-chain for Web3 applications—akin to a more trust-minimized and blockchain-enabled version of existing cloud-based serverless solutions such as AWS Lambda, GCP CloudFunctions, and Cloudflare Workers.

Building with Chainlink Functions offers a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Extensive connectivity—Connect your smart contract to any data, device, or system, ranging from public and password-protected APIs to IoT devices and enterprise systems.
  • Customizable computation—Aggregate and transform your data using highly scalable and customizable serverless runtime environments.
  • Trust-minimized security—Build upon time-tested decentralized infrastructure that already helps secure billions of dollars for Web3 apps.
  • Self-service in minutes—Get started in minutes with Functions’ serverless developer solution, which features a CLI, starter kits, and a debugging environment.
  • Serverless runtime environment—Run JavaScript code in a serverless manner so you can focus less on infrastructure and more on your core application.

“The integration of Chainlink Functions unlocks a multitude of new and exciting smart contract use cases for the Avalanche ecosystem as it simplifies the developer experience of connecting Web3 apps with Web2 data sources. Developers can now connect their smart contract to any Web2 API in minutes to unlock the next big use case for Web3 while taking advantage of both the proven security and reliability of the Chainlink Network,” stated John Nahas, Vice President of Business Development, Ava Labs.

“We’re excited to expand the suite of Web3 services available on Avalanche to include Chainlink Functions, empowering Avalanche developers to connect their smart contracts to existing Web2 APIs. The seamless connectivity of Chainlink Functions makes it easy for developers to combine smart contracts with powerful Web2 APIs and data sources to unlock a new frontier of exciting capabilities and applications,” stated Kemal El Moujahid, Chief Product Officer, Chainlink Labs.

About Chainlink

Chainlink decentralized oracle network supports Web3 apps & hybrid smart contracts. Offers global enterprises and data providers may access to all blockchains. Chainlink secures tens of billions of dollars across DeFi, insurance, gaming, NFTs, and other major industries.

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About Avalanche


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SOURCE: https://www.avax.network/blog/chainlink-functions-now-live-on-avalanche-fuji-helping-bring-the-worlds-apis-to-web3



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