DeSpread and Chainlink Labs Strategic Partnership

Published on: 20.05.2023
DeSpread and Chainlink Labs Strategic Partnership

DeSpread and Chainlink Labs have recently announced a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing their respective capabilities and advancing the potential of decentralized finance. It aims to actively engage Web3 users and promote the adoption of diverse Chainlink services and BUILD projects throughout South Korea.

The strategic partnership between DeSpread and Chainlink Labs represents a key milestone in the advancement of DeFi solutions.

DeSpread is a consulting firm specializing in Web3, dedicated to fostering the widespread adoption of Web3 technology. Since its establishment in 2019, DeSpread has played a vital role in cultivating a dynamic and forward-thinking Web3 ecosystem in South Korea. By providing strategic guidance and growth services, DeSpread assists Web3 startups and protocols in expanding their user base throughout the country.

Chainlink’s industry-leading oracle technology will serve as a vital component within DeSpread’s ecosystem, providing real-time and tamper-proof data feeds to power smart contracts. This integration ensures accurate and transparent data inputs, which are crucial for the efficient functioning of DeSpread’s decentralized applications. By integrating Chainlink’s oracle services, DeSpread aims to fortify the security and reliability of its platform, attracting a broader user base and facilitating a seamless user experience.

DeSpread is committed to bolstering the Chainlink ecosystem by facilitating access to Chainlink’s top-tier Web3 services for startups and fostering the growth of Chainlink BUILD projects. This entails establishing partnerships within local networks on a global scale, translating technical documentation into Korean, devising targeted marketing strategies and materials tailored to specific regions, offering comprehensive research and advisory services, creating educational resources, and more. By collaborating with industry leaders such as Chainlink Labs, DeSpread remains dedicated to driving the widespread adoption of Web3 technology worldwide.

Driving Adoption and Mainstream Awareness:

A significant aspect of this partnership is the joint effort to drive adoption and increase mainstream awareness of blockchain technology and DeFi. DeSpread and Chainlink Labs will work together to educate the broader community about the benefits and potential of decentralized finance, fostering a better understanding of the transformative power of blockchain technology in various sectors.

The collaboration between DeSpread and Chainlink Labs represents a key milestone in the advancement of DeFi solutions. By combining their expertise and resources, these two industry leaders aim to push the boundaries of decentralized finance, revolutionizing the way we interact with financial services. With a focus on reliability, scalability, and innovation, this partnership is set to drive significant advancements and propel the adoption of blockchain technology to new heights.




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