Apillon Integrates Astar

Published on: 04.06.2023
Apillon Integrates Astar

Apillon integrates Astar to deliver multi-chain smart contract connectivity

Apillon joins forces with Astar Network, the biggest smart contract platform in the Polkadot ecosystem, to deliver more opportunities to builders and developers on the Apillon Web3 development platform.

The comprehensive set of Web3 services already available on the Apillon platform, including Web3 Storage and Hosting, got a new boost. The integration of Astar Network expands the offer of networks, supported for the deployment of digital assets with easy, fast, and resource-efficient building tools.

While Apillon continuously strives to boost Web3 adoption by empowering developers with the best building tools, Astar supports deployment of fully functional dapps in both EVM and WebAssembly (WASM) environments, using a unique cross-virtual machine.

Smart contract connectivity was initially integrated into the Apillon platform via the Moonbeam Network. Now, with Astar being added to the Apillon NFT Service, developers got the opportunity to choose between multiple chains to deploy their NFT collections.

Astar Network, the most flexible smart contract platform

Astar Network is the biggest and most flexible smart contract platform in the Polkadot ecosystem. Supporting both EVM and WASM smart contracts, Astar unlocks true interoperability across multiple chains.

How? With a unique cross-virtual machine and cross-consensus messaging (XVM), Astar enables native access to the Polkadot ecosystem and, at the same time, routes to other major blockchains, including Ethereum, Cosmos, and Polygon.

What does this mean for developers? With the security provided by the Polkadot Network and the compatibility options offered by Astar’s XVM, builders and engineers are able to build smart contracts in a truly innovative, future-proof way that delivers innate interoperability of features and cross-chain cooperation.

A simplified developer experience merged with the opportunity to build solutions compatible with many blockchains is a step in the right direction for approaching the problem of the fragmented Web3 experience for both developers and end users.

Apillon + Astar = Cross-chain NFT collections in minutes

Thanks to community hype and real-world usability, non-fungible tokens have become one of the key gateways to the Web3 world. They offer a wide array of use cases, including but not limited to creating memorable experiences & interacting within online communities.

However, as with all disruptive technologies, NFTs weren’t without problems when it came to reaching the mainstream. Now, with Apillon introducing an easy, fast, and decentralized way of creating NFT collections with Astar. Both savvy Web3 builders as well as other developers & blockchain enthusiasts can join the NFT revolution & not get left behind.

About Astar

Astar Network — The Future of Smart Contracts for Multichain. Supports the building of dApps with EVM and WASM smart contracts and offers developers true interoperability, with cross-consensus messaging (XCM).

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