NASDEX and Rio Exchange Partnership

Published on: 08.06.2023
NASDEX and Rio Exchange Partnership

NASDEX has announced a strategic digital asset partnership with Rio Exchange, enabling NASDEX to offer licensed security products & services using Rio Exchange. NASDEX’s licensed offering would include tokenized securities, equities, options, warrants and any real-world assets with dividends or yield.

“The potential of digital asset securities is enormous yet nascent. Our true north at Rio Exchange is to create a more transparent, secure, and efficient system for issuing, trading, and settling digital securities for both security token issuers and investors.” Says James Anderson, CEO of Rio Exchange

“We’re excited about the suite of compliant, regulated and tokenized real-world assets NASDEX are bringing to market. Working with Alvin and his team is a testament of giving the investors market access to high quality investment grade products that were previously inaccessible and offering NASDEX increased visibility and liquidity. This has the potential to democratize access to investment opportunities, reduce costs, and increase liquidity into a financial market demanding innovation and equal access.”

By tokenizing real world assets, the digital asset industry can extend its benefits to a wider audience beyond the current crypto adopters. At present, DeFi lending is constrained by the requirement of Bitcoin, Ethereum and stablecoins as collateral.

“2022 has been a challenging year for the digital asset industry as there were instances of established firms failing which undermined the credibility and integrity of the industry. Nevertheless, there is still optimism and excitement about the potential of the underlying technology to drive advancements in democratization of finance, ownership, storage of digital assets and transparency. quotes Alvin Foo, CEO of NASDEX

“For the industry to prosper, it requires a clear regulatory guidelines and framework as this would establish a more reliable and credible ecosystem. The regulatory activity around the world surrounding digital assets is intensifying given the widespread interest and adoption by investors, companies, and some central banks both at retail and institutional levels. This is why we are excited with the partnership between NASDEX and Rio Exchange, as we are able to leverage Rio Exchange expertise and licensed solutions, further solidifying NASDEX’s aspiration to become a leading player in tokenization of real-world assets.”

With the acceptance of tokenized real-world assets as collateral, tokenizing real-world assets can reduce the risk for lenders and investors. While enabling real world business and web 2.0 users to take advantage of DeFi services. With $867 trillion in traditional markets ready to be disrupted by tokenization. The upside for NASDEX-Rio Exchange partnership is massive as the opportunity to systematically improve the global economy is real.


About Rio Exchange

Rio Exchange is a licensed and regulated digital securities exchange that democratizes access to real-world assets for all issuers, investors and market participants globally, making the illiquid, liquid, and the inaccessible, accessible.

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NASDEX is designed to serve as a bridge between the crypto world and the real-world asset. NASDEX is a user-friendly platform where investors could buy and sell tokenized assets with 24/7 trading, fractionalized asset buying and yield farming.





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