TxPipe and Metera Protocol Integration

Published on: 14.07.2023
TxPipe and Metera Protocol Integration

TxPipe will be joining Metera’s development by working on the off-chain code and deployment of the Metera Protocol test-net.

Metera Protocol strives to be a high-quality and secure Asset Managment Protocol with the best user experience, technology and development partners in the Cardano Ecosystem.

They are proud to rely in the best development firms in the ecosystem, Mlabs and TxPipe to pave the way of impact investing and decentralized asset management.

Following last week’s Mlabs announcement, TxPipe will be handling the integration of the updated smart contracts with Metera’s Dashboard and the deployment of the protocol via Demeter.

TxPipe Development Breakdown:

  1. Smart Contract and Oracle integration with GoMaestro’s API.
  2. MTK data base implementation.
  3. Frontend integration with smart contracts.
  4. Deployment of test-net through Demeter.
  5. Testing

Metera Test-net Develelopment Breakdown:

  1. Update on-chain code to be Vasil compliant — MLABS
  2. Migrate off-chain code to Atlas (including testing) — MLABS
  3. API Integration with smart contracts and oracles — TxPipe
  4. Frontend integration — TxPipe
  5. Deployment of test-net — TxPipe
  6. Testing — TxPipe

Test-net launch is scheduled by the end of Q3.

Through collaboration and partnerships, they have secured the best development teams in the Cardano Ecosystem to deliver a high-quality project to the community.

About Metera Protocol

Metera Protocol is a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol built on the Cardano blockchain that enables the creation and investment of tokenized portfolios known as Metera Tokenized Portfolios (MTKs). Each MTK is assigned a Global Impact Score based on the Impact Measurement System (IMS) tool, which assesses the sustainability and impact aspects of decentralized digital assets, providing visibility to projects that are generating more impact.

Website | Twitter

About TxPipe

TxPipe is an open-source software for a decentralized world for Cardano blockchain developers. They focus on integrating on-chain data with off-chain infrastructure. They believe that blockchain adoption can be accelerated by improving developer experience. TxPipe develop blockchain tools, leveraging the open-source community and its methodologies.

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