ARPA AND ChainUp Cloud Partnership

Published on: 22.07.2023
ARPA AND ChainUp Cloud Partnership

ARPA Network has established a strategic partnership with ChainUp Cloud for node operation. ChainUp Cloud is an enterprise-grade provider of node and staking infrastructure, multi-chain API suite, and developer tools.

This collaboration marks a major milestone in their continued efforts to enhance the robustness, security, and decentralization of the ARPA network.

ARPA BLS-TSS Network consists of multiple groups of nodes. Such design optimizes both network security and computation performance. The network becomes increasingly reliable as more nodes join.

In addition to hosting nodes and providing professional tech support, partners like ChainUp Cloud have to stake a considerable number of tokens. Also, they apply a staking mechanism ensuring good behavior is rewarded, while malicious nodes get their tokens slashed. Thus, the more nodes there are, the less likely a single bad actor can do damage worth the cost. Each new node makes the entire network more secure.

“ChainUp Cloud will not only help to strengthen ARPA Network’s node and staking infrastructure,” said Felix Xu, CEO & Co-founder of ARPA. “Their expertise will also support our exploration of multi-chain expansion. Moreover, ChainUp’s extensive experience in offering developer tools will greatly benefit ARPA Randcast in optimizing our Random Number Generator SDKs.”

Sailor Zhong, Founder and CEO of ChainUp, said: “We are delighted to bring our extensive expertise and experience in blockchain technology to ARPA, enabling them to drive business growth and development. We are committed to leveraging our professional expertise to provide reliable node hosting and professional technical support to ARPA Network, assisting them in reaching their Web3 objectives.”

Decentralization is at the heart of the ARPA Network. This partnership is a major step in advancing the decentralization of the ARPA network. By spreading node operation across a broader range of partners, we’re preventing the concentration of power, improving network performance, and ensuring that the ARPA network remains truly decentralized and resilient against various attacks. These are essential in spurring ecosystem growth, which will potentially enhance rewards for our community members and ARPA token holders through increased network activity.

Looking ahead, they aim to continue growing and strengthening their network through strategic node partnerships. The collaboration with ChainUp Cloud is a key step toward their goals.

About ChainUp Cloud

ChainUp Cloud offers a range of Web3 services including API services for developers, DeFi products for users and accessible node services. With our industrial-grade infrastructure developers gain access to Web3 protocols enabling them to focus on building, while we handle node maintenance and security. Our high-performance APIs handle millions of requests per second across multiple chains with unwavering reliability.

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About ARPA

ARPA Network (ARPA) is a decentralized secure computation network built to improve the fairness, security, and privacy of blockchains. ARPA threshold BLS signature network serves as the infrastructure of verifiable Random Number Generator (RNG), secure wallet, cross-chain bridge, and decentralized custody across multiple blockchains.

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