NEOPIN Collaborates with Sevenline Labs

Published on: 24.11.2023
NEOPIN Collaborates with Sevenline Labs

Neopin sparks anticipation with the revelation of their strategic collaboration alongside Sevenline Labs, a blockchain solutions company, to expand the web3 gaming ecosystem.

Through this partnership, they are taking significant steps to activate the web3 gaming ecosystem. Their plan is to showcase web3 games from NEOPIN’s global partners and increase global awareness and preference by encouraging users to organize tournaments. At the same time, web3 game companies that have partnered with Sevenline Labs will be integrated into NEOPIN’s ecosystem.

To attract a global user base with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures through the integration of the NEOPIN wallet and Miracle Play, a web3 eSports tournament platform operated by Sevenline Labs.

NEOPIN will actively attract enthusiastic web3 gamers who will organize and participate in tournaments on Miracle Play. Miracle Play will also attract DeFi users. Both Neopin Token ($NPT) and Miracle Play Token ($MPT) will be supported on the respective DeFi platforms of both companies in the future.

About Sevenline Labs

Sevenline Labs operates the web3 eSports tournament platform called “Miracle Play”. “Miracle Play” organizes various tournaments on the blockchain network for games of different platforms and genres, including mobile, PC, console, web3.

Participants will compete against each other and receive rewards. The initial service supports the Polygon network, and a successful private beta service targeting the Indonesian community has been processed. An open beta is currently underway.

In the future, they plan to support various chains that use the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), including Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, Oasis, Solana and Klaytn. The ultimate goal is to designate each mainnet as a guild and run large-scale tournaments between the mainnets.

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Since 2017, NEOPIN have been actively participating as a validator (network verifier) operator in various global blockchain nodes such as Ethereum, Tron, Cardano and Cosmos, accumulating expertise and technical capabilities in the blockchain industry. Last year, they launched the CeDeFi protocol “NEOPIN”. Which provides a secure and convenient environment for users of the DeFi platform. This initiative has contributed to the promotion of a secure and user-friendly DeFi ecosystem.

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