Subsquid and DipDup Partnership

Published on: 24.11.2023
Subsquid and DipDup Partnership

United in purpose and vision, Subsquid and DipDup unveil an alliance fortified by innovation and dedication, igniting a transformative chapter in their shared journey towards pioneering advancements.

This partnership aimed at empowering developers to build modular and extensible Web3 APIs and data pipelines. Already, developers can utilize the DipDup framework to retrieve data from any EVM network supported by Subsquid’s decentralized data lake.

Subsquid Network is a ZK-secured decentralized data lake and query engine, designed to provide developers with permissionless access to on-chain data. The most popular way to retrieve data from Subsquid Network is using an indexing SDK, including the TypeScript-based Squid SDK, and more recently Subgraph SDK. The addition of DipDup SDK is a major improvement for many developers, not just for its flexibility, modularity, and general dev-friendliness, but also because it is a Python-based SDK. Python is the preferred language for a major segment of Web3 developers, and the plurality of data analysts.

DipDup is a Python framework for building smart contract indexers with a major focus on the developer experience, allowing builders to focus on their business logic instead of writing boilerplate code to store and serve data. The DipDup framework comes from the team at Baking Bad, an industry-leading development house that builds and scales blockchain explorers, developer tools and DeFi products across multiple ecosystems, and in particular Tezos, Celestia, Ethereum, and L2s, including Starknet.


Dmitry Zhelezov, CEO and co-founder of Subsquid:

“Baking Bad is one of the most capable teams in the crypto space when it comes to anything indexing or data related. They’ve really proven this fact with DipDup. I can’t think of a better partner for us to build the best indexing tools that leverage the data provided by Subsquid Network,” 

Michael Zaikin, CTO of Baking Bad and DipDup shares the sentiment:

“Working with the Subsquid data lake is like a breath of fresh air for developers: it’s intuitive, really fast, and does not cost you a fortune. The team is exceptional, possessing a clear vision and robust technical expertise to bring it to life. We’re extremely proud to be partners, contributing to the foundation of the web3 data retrievability layer alongside them.” 


About DipDup

DipDup is a modular and extensible API layer for Web3 developers, offering an extensive set of blockchain data collections, ranging from generic to application-specific, all conveniently accessible through GraphQL API.

Website | Twitter


About Subsquid

Subsquid is a full-stack blockchain indexing solution which includes an open-source SDK, specialized data lakes for on-chain data (Archives) and a hosted service (Subsquid Cloud). Subsquid solves the data access problem for a wide range of online and analytical use cases, including:

  • A flexible and performant backend for decentralized applications. In most cases, Subsquid can completely replace client RPC read requests with a tailored GraphQL API, significantly reducing the infrastructure costs and shortening the frontend development cycles.
  • A data pipeline for preparing, transforming and loading large volumes of on-chain data for data analysis and forensics.
  • A highly customizable data source for dashboards and on-chain activity monitoring.

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