Announces Strategic Partnership with Marcello Mari at WEF

Published on: 29.01.2024, the pioneering Data-as-a-Service platform, revealed the appointment of Marcello Mari as Head of Partnerships during the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos. Following the successful launch of its Archon protocol in 2023, continues to lead the charge in the new AI economy.

Marcello Mari, CEO and Founder of SingularityDAO, and a key contributor to SingularityNET, brings his expertise to drive strategic partnerships, market penetration, and oversee the PGPT token launch. His focus on spearheading the Decentralized Science (DeSci) movement aligns with PrivateAI’s mission to modernize the global scientific community using web3 philosophy.

Empowering Scientific Innovation

PrivateAI’s commitment extends to fostering the monetization and advancement of groundbreaking scientific endeavors that may be underfunded or siloed. Through open-source crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, and data marketplaces, the platform aims to generate, scale, and monetize data and research in niche scientific domains. This approach accelerates viability, commercialization, and advancements in fields like longevity.

“To empower scientists globally, PrivateAI will provide an open-source constructor for developing AI-powered applications on its platform,” said Angel Versetti, Founder and CEO of Marcello Mari’s addition to the team further strengthens their pursuit of unifying web3, AI, and global science.

Marcello Mari: A Transformative Addition

“We are thrilled to welcome Marcello Mari as one of our top advisors. His leadership at SingularityDAO and SingularityNET has demonstrated that merging AI and crypto is an exciting, transformative process,” stated Angel Versetti. Marcello Mari expressed his enthusiasm for the role, emphasizing his commitment to a transparent and democratic approach to scientific research.

About Reshaping Scientific Discovery with AI leverages AI to redefine scientific research and innovation. Their advanced AI algorithms unlock the full potential of information, delving deep into vast datasets to drive meaningful discoveries. The platform fosters collaboration through a peer-to-peer data sharing environment, streamlining intellectual property management with innovative solutions, and ensuring data security through cutting-edge measures.

PGPT Token: Incentivizing Innovation

The native token PGPT serves to incentivize user participation, creating a sustainable economy. invites businesses to experience the transformative power of their solutions, revolutionizing operations, enhancing efficiency, and driving growth.

Meet the Builders of Private AI boasts a team of visionaries, including Angel Versetti (CEO), Maxim Prishchepo (CTO), Dr. Kate Ianishevska (CMO), and strategic advisor Marcello Mari. The team comprises accomplished leaders with diverse backgrounds, united in their mission to reshape the landscape of scientific research.

Secure, Ethical, and Innovative prioritizes data security with advanced AI-driven scraping protection and Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE). These measures, along with robust defenses against data exploitation, ensure complete control and privacy for users.

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In Conclusion’s strategic partnership with Marcello Mari marks a pivotal moment in their journey to reshape scientific discovery. As the age of AI unfolds, stands at the forefront, inviting businesses to harness the power of AI for groundbreaking innovations and discoveries.

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