RunesTerminal Joins Forces with DotSwap

Published on: 14.05.2024
RunesTerminal Joins Forces with DotSwap

RunesTerminal has joined forces with DotSwap to forge a groundbreaking partnership aimed at revolutionizing BTC utility.

This collaboration merges RunesTerminal’s expertise in blockchain infrastructure with DotSwap’s innovative decentralized exchange technology. Together, they are set to create a next-generation platform that enhances the functionality and versatility of Bitcoin. By integrating advanced smart contract capabilities and streamlined transaction processes, the partnership aims to unlock new potentials for BTC holders, offering unprecedented opportunities for investment, trade, and decentralized finance (DeFi). This strategic alliance not only promises to enhance user experience but also signifies a significant leap forward in the evolution of Bitcoin’s ecosystem.


An Alliance to Build Crypto’s Future

They both are ecstatic to bring DotSwap into their partnership network and to have the benefit of their immense technical and strategic expertise, while helping them in turn expand their Runes profile, and connecting them to the rest of their network of brilliant teams that are already here. Working closely with DotSwap will help finesse RunesTerminal’s portfolio of products and introduce them to DotSwap’s awesome community.

About DotSwap?

DotSwap is one of the teams that is leading the running in making BTC DeFi accessible to everyone, and we are ecstatic to announce a deep strategic partnership with them to complete their common missions.

DotSwap is a first-mover powerhouse in the space that is bringing the total crypto experience to Bitcoin. DotSwap lets users swap BTC assets natively, securely and trustlessly through their unique AMM that embraces all new BTC innovation.

On DotSwap, users can swap Runes, BRC-20 and ARC-20 tokens easily. DotSwap is fully BTC native with all transactions completed directly on Bitcoin L1 itself. DotSwap has done great work to minimise front-running risks through their indexer and decentralised sequencing, and users can swap assets directly from their wallets without having to place their funds in escrow. DotSwap even works on mobile through the use of the OKX Web3 app.

DotSwap is more than just a pure-trading platform though, with the app letting users mint new Runes token, furnish liquidity pools with assets, and even become part of the DotSwap DAO who is in charge of managing the app’s expansion.

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About RunesTerminal

RunesTerminal is the first ever Runes Protocol launchpad. Built specifically for the dawn of Bitcoin’s new era. Ordinals began the evolution. Runes finishes it. Be ready for Runes. Be the first to market. Decipher the Runes, scry the future.

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