Rivalz and Cluster Protocol Join Forces

Published on: 20.05.2024
Rivalz and Cluster Protocol Join Forces

Cluster Protocol is thrilled to announce their strategic partnership with Rivalz, an AI Intel Layer, powering a modular AI-app ecosystem.

By integrating Cluster Protocol with Rivalz, both companies reaffirm their commitment to the development of AI and decentralized solutions. Their partnership efforts will be aimed at combining their data and establishing a foundation for future steps in AI. Considering that Rivalz also wishes to contribute to AI 2.0’s development, the idea of democratizing AI development seems to be quite logical. The merging of their technologies, the enhancement of AI model training and deployment, and the possibility of offering new, creative solutions, especially in the game sector and others, sound perfectly feasible.

About Rivalz

Rivalz is at the forefront of building an AI Intel Layer, powering a modular AI-app ecosystem. Rivalz’s primary focus areas include:

AI Data Layer: Rivalz is constructing an AI Intel layer that enables users to license their Full Data Profile to create personalized “AI Personas.” These AI entities can seamlessly integrate into games as NPCs or Companions, enhancing immersive experiences.

Gaming Focus: While incubating AI-centric games, Rivalz concentrates on the AI communication layer to foster more engaging and interactive gaming experiences.

Interoperable AI Agents: Rivalz envisions AI Agents that connect on-chain games and NFT marketplaces, making AI-driven interactions across platforms possible. Their cross-chain infrastructure, powered by Dymension and Celestia.

Token Economy: Rivalz’s native token, $RIZ, will fuel the ecosystem. It will be used for transaction fees, powering node infrastructure, data monetization, and AI-apps on top of Rivalz.

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About Cluster Protocol

Cluster Protocol is a Proof of Compute Protocol and Open Source Community for Decentralized AI Models. We are dedicated to enhancing AI model training and execution across distributed networks. It employs advanced techniques such as fully homomorphic encryption and federated learning to safeguard data privacy and promote secure data localization.

Cluster Protocol also supports decentralized datasets and collaborative model training environments, which reduce the barriers to AI development and democratize access to computational resources. Its innovative features, like the Deploy to Earn model and Proof of Compute, provide avenues for users to monetize idle GPU resources while ensuring transaction security and resource optimization.

Cluster Protocol provides an infrastructure to anyone for building anything AI over them. The platform’s architecture also fosters a transparent compute layer for verifiable task processing, which is crucial for maintaining integrity in decentralized networks.

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