Macaron and Owlto Partnership

Published on: 30.05.2024
Macaron and Owlto Partnership

Macaron, the native DEX of Bitlayer, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Owlto Finance aimed at revolutionizing asset bridging and liquidity. Owlto Finance, a universal Cross-Rollup bridge product, distinguishes itself with several key advantages, the most notable being the elimination of the need to mint intermediary assets.

This collaboration marks a significant step forward for Macaron, as they strive to offer their users unparalleled asset liquidity and a superior service experience that is safer, more cost-effective, and highly efficient. Bitlayer, being a Bitcoin Layer2 solution built on BitVM, benefits immensely from Owlto’s advanced bridging capabilities. Owlto Finance will empower Macaron with more flexible and diverse asset transfer methods, effectively reducing both costs and risks for our users.

The integration with Owlto Finance is just the beginning of a promising partnership. Moving forward, Macaron and Owlto Finance will work closely together to bring even more high-quality assets to their users. This will focus on minimizing slippage during trades, ensuring that their users have access to the best possible trading conditions.

Moreover, this partnership will pave the way for future innovations, as they continue to explore and implement cutting-edge technologies that enhance the user experience. By leveraging Owlto’s expertise in cross-rollup bridging, Macaron will set new standards in the DeFi space, delivering unmatched efficiency and innovation.

They both committed to building a robust and dynamic ecosystem that caters to a wide array of creators, developers, and traders. With Owlto Finance’s support, Macaron will meet the evolving needs of our community more effectively, delivering seamless and secure asset transfers across multiple networks.


About Macaron

Macaron is the First and Native DEX built on Bitlayer, offering the most seamless trading experience and competitive yield-making schemes for users.

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About Owlto Finance

Owlto Finance is an intent-centric interoperability protocol, “Bridge the World with Al Agent”, providing ‘Safe, Fast, Low-priced, and Easy-to-use’ services.

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