Nabox partners with OGzClub and support OGz to land on multi-chains. With the underlying support from Nerve Network, SwapBox, a product of Nabox, has now officially assisted OGz assets to...
Balancer integration with Aura was announced and Balancer was allocated 3M ARB tokens via governance. The 2 million of these will flow into the 33/33/33 ARB/BAL/AURA Liquidity Pool to...
Tapio Incentivized Testnet Launched! Tapio Finance is on Ethereum’s Goerli network and is live. The testnet will run for 30 days till July 26th 00:00 UTC.  As a user, you’ll be able to...
LI.FI partners with Pontoon, an advanced cross-router meta-aggregator that provides users with a seamless gateway for exchanging or bridging assets via its unified intelligence routing. With...
AFKDAO and Lulu Market alliance has been announced recently.  LULU Market, a community-driven Web 3.0 farming game. The partnership between AFKDAO and LULU Market holds tremendous potential...
dappOS partners with Conflux a permissionless Layer 1 blockchain that connects decentralized economies across borders and protocols.  Conflux blockchain is among the growing number of...
Arbidex introduced xARX (Escrowed ARX)the next level that redefines the Arbidex ecosystem. Through these announcements, users will explore the key utilities of xARX, empowering ARX holders...
Subquery partners with White Whale an Interchain Liquidity Solutions protocol within the Cosmos ecosystem. White Whale creates a unifying hub for a token’s liquidity and then sub-divides...
17.06.2023 supports Level Finance the first Perp DEX to integrate! LEVEL is an omnichain decentralized and non-custodial perpetual exchange. Offering a unique user-selected risk management...
LI.FI partners with Wido to build cross-chain zaps for dApps interested in improving the crypto user experience. LI.FI routes any token to any chain. Wido deposits any token to any contract....
AirSwap V4 Unveiled. With the success of V3 and a stellar, AirSwap continues to drive the next generation of decentralized trading protocols with AirSwap V4. Since its relaunch in 2021,...
Kawa partners with Tanssi an Appchain Infrastructure Protocol. Leveraging Tanssi’s advanced infrastructure services and tools, Kawa is well-positioned to efficiently launch its...
Centrifuge partners with SubQuery to boost Data Indexing and Accessibility of their Protocol. Centrifuge is a decentralized finance (DeFi) lending protocol that enables a radically faster,...
IOST partners with DeBox to Drive Integrated Development of DID Products & Services in Web3. DBX Global is a Web3 social platform based on blockchain DID. This collaboration aims to...
MyCointainer partners with Wanchain to provide its users with the best opportunities to participate in the Wanchain ecosystem. Wanchain is a blockchain project that aims to drive blockchain...
Qredo partners with CryptoEconLab on a revised tokenomics framework. CryptoEconLab is a renowned crypto-economic services company within Protocol Labs. The primary focus of Qredo’s new...
SaucerSwap launches Sauce Pro enhancing the SaucerSwap experience. SAUCE Pro is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model that offers advanced features to users through an affordable and...
Ontology partners with Alchemy Pay to integrate it’s On and Off Ramp. Ontology is a blockchain network focused on enhancing trust, privacy, and security in Web3. Offers decentralized...
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