The role of Oracles in a decentralized finance ecosystem, ensuring reliable Data Feeds for Smart Contracts In the ever-evolving landscape of decentralized finance (DeFi), where smart...
Stablecoins in Decentralized Finance (DeFi), examining stability mechanisms and their role in the crypto economy. Stablecoins have emerged as a vital component of the rapidly expanding realm...
Solv Protocol partners with Antalpha Prime, a key strategic partner to Bitmain, a prominent player in the cryptocurrency mining industry. This partnership utilizes Antalpha’s Bitcoin...
STASIS collaborates with DynaChain a company blending wellness and finance via blockchain. This partnership signifies a significant step forward in their joint mission to empower individuals...
The Fusion of DeFi and Sports Betting is an article expressing or analyzing how decentralized finance empowers the sports betting ecosystem. In recent years, the convergence of decentralized...
 MOST mainnet is coming to Aleph Zero a layer 1 that enables teams to deploy scalable, secure, low-cost, and ZK privacy-enhanced products across multiple verticals—from DeFi and gaming to...
In decentralized finance (DeFi), where innovation and disruption are the norm, one area stands out as particularly promising: philanthropy. Traditional charity models often face...
Segment introduces Lumen Money a decentralized lending and borrowing platform built on Neon EVM. The protocol operates peer-to-peer, eliminating the need for intermediaries such as banks or...
Subquery now supports OriginTrail with ultra-fast Data Indexing to boost AI adoption. OriginTrail is an ecosystem that leverages both blockchain and Decentralized Knowledge Graph to power a...
5ire partners with Brickken to pave the way in RWA tokenization. Real-world assets (RWAs) on the blockchain are digital tokens that stand for tangible assets like currencies, commodities,...
TeraBlock transition to zkCross. This evolution is more than a rebranding. It’s a leap towards realizing its vision of a truly decentralized financial ecosystem. Over time, TeraBlock has...
SolidLizard’s momentous comeback solidifies its commitment to serve the decentralized finance industry. In 2023, the onset of the bull run on Arbitrum was initiated by...
AutoLayer partners with Renzo Protocol on Arbitrum. This integration marks a pivotal advancement in AutoLayer’s quest to offer users improved opportunities for liquid restaking and...
Uno Re partners with Uma Protocol to enhance core dApp v2, featuring a new claim assessment system. This cutting-edge feature will enhance the app’s foundation, instilling a new level...
Stasis partners with OpulenceX to integrate the EURS Stablecoin into the XRPL Platform. The partnership between OpulenceX and Stasis shines brightly as a symbol of strategic innovation and a...
Key Developments Shaping Digital Finance’s Future. The world of cryptocurrency is constantly evolving, with new trends and developments reshaping the landscape of digital finance. As...
Technologies Behind Decentralized Aggregators, an exploration of DEX aggregation. In the realm of information dissemination, decentralized aggregators have emerged as transformative...
Velar partners with Portal Finance to Transform Bitcoin-based perpetual trading. The Portal Finance platform will enhance staking and increase trading liquidity for the $VELAR token by...
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