Katana and Dappio Integration

Published on: 29.04.2022
Katana and Dappio Integration

Katana, an asset management protocol on Solana, is thrilled to announce its partnership and integration with Dappio, your one-stop solution that aggregates yields across DeFi and GameFi offerings.

This latest integration of Katana and Dappio will allow users to access Katana’s leading suite of yield products from within the Dappio Wonderland.

Katana is building the yield generation layer for Solana. The Katana protocol offers a suite of packaged yield products across the risk spectrum, enabling users to access the best risk-adjusted yields in the ecosystem passively.
By packaging complex strategies into vaults, Katana enables anyone to deposit into their desired vault and begin earning its yield without any active management. Importantly, Katana’s yields are not dependent on liquidity mining programs but on price action, thereby offering a diversified and more sustainable source of yield.

Katana offers a new, passive method to earn a yield on digital assets by providing packaged yield strategies for different market views and risk-return profiles. Unlike yield farming strategies that rely on finite liquidity mining programs, Katana introduces a more sustainable yield generated by expressing market views.

Katana’s Advantages:

  • Sustainable Yield
  • Automated Yield Generation
  • Strategy Optimization
  • Simplified User Experience
  • Built On Solana

Dappio is building Solana Wonderland, a one-stop yield aggregation solution for DeFi and GameFi. They believe that the next generation of yield aggregators should be vertical agnostic across categories, harnessing network diversity to produce a robust product. Their aim is to aggregate all of the yields in Solana’s ecosystem, including farming, lending, borrowing, and staking. For peace of mind, users can compare APY and interest rates on all other major Solana projects before participating.

Features you can use in Dappio Wonderland:

  • Gateways (Wallet)
  • Dashboard
  • Swap (DEX Aggregator Coming Soon
  • Farm
  • Borrow/Lend
  • Strategy Hub
  • Leverage
  • TVL Ranking / On-Chain Data
  • Easy to claim rewards
  • Bridge

About Katana

Katana is the premier protocol for structured products and automated vault strategies on the Solana blockchain.

Website ♦ Twitter 

About Dappio

Dappio aims to create a user-friendly one-stop-shop, allowing users to swap, farm, lend/borrow & participate in customized strategies to maximize returns.

Website ♦ Twitter 

Dappio Wonderland

Dappio Wonderland provides the solution for the current multi-chain DeFi environment by lowering the barrier to entry, increasing capital efficiency, product integration, and customized strategy.

Dappio Docs Katana Docs

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