Zebec Introduces ZAApps

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Zebec, a continuous Settlement Protocol built on Solana introduces ZAApps – A Fully Functional One-Stop App Store for DeFi Projects on Solana.

App Store for DeFi: The Next Step in DeFi Revolution

The app store will be the first “window” to a plethora of Solana-based DeFi projects. An AppStore-like platform can allow interaction with all the DeFi projects on Solana straight from one single interface. A customizable user interface allows a lot of choices for the user. If a project has not been integrated, users could add it by uploading a link to the custom app. The list of DeFi projects can be updated regularly with the emergence of newer projects.

The Zebec Ally Apps — ZAApps

Zebec’s newest venture — Zebec Ally Apps or ZAApps! DeFi projects on Solana can now integrate with ZAApps to come under one platform of Zebec Legion.

Why ZAApps for DeFi?

An app-store-like function boosted by ZAApps for DeFi can be the next step towards embarking on the full-fledged embellishment of the ecosystem.

Simply put, ZAApps has three major advantages:

  • Efficiency

An all-in-one app is the definition of easiness. Users can save a lot of time without going through many websites.

  • Accessibility

By building on the Zebec SDK proponent, anyone can upload their app without permission. Thus, it provides accessibility to the major projects and the newest ones.

  • Functionality

Just like any app store, users can sort, filter, and search for apps easily in one single place. It saves the hassle of finding the app anywhere else.

About Zebec
Zebec is a revolutionary DeFi technology that empowers real-time, frictionless, and continuous streams of payments.

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