Orcus Finance Announces Orcus Vaults

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Orcus Finance announces their new product Orcus Vaults.

Orcus Vaults is the Yield Optimizing tool that simplifies the DeFi experience for the yield farmers. OrcusFinance adds a Yield Aggregation tool and then, will gather all possible pools from DEXes with liquid tokens.

Orcus will automatically maximizes user returns from DeFi ecosystem liquidity pools (LPs), automated market making (AMM) initiatives, and other yield farming possibilities on Astar Network. Furthermore, this gives a significant benefit to attempting to accomplish this manually. What’s more, they employ automation to continuously invest and reinvest deposited funds, resulting in high amounts of compounded interest.

Vaults benefits:

  • Yield Farming strategies execution
  • Compound rewards
  • Zap in any asset into LP
  • Single asset staking autocompound
  • Reinvest earned rewards to increase the initial LP balance

ORU price impact

Next, the staking mechanism itself will bring more profit and benefits for $ORU stakers:

  • Fees from the vaults’ performance
  • Fees from early claims
  • Profit from Collateral Depositor
  • $ORU governance (coming soon)

Currently, the protocol has 3 sources for the token buybacks:

  1. Owned Liquidity (more useful to ensure the protocol stability)
  2. Rented Liquidity (used only to zap out, buyback $ORU and burn it)
  3. Profit from Starlay USDC lending pool (BankSafe automatic reinvestments and $ORU buybacks)

By implementing fees for the vaults, they will create an additional cycling mechanism (which will be performed daily) for stability and exponential growth for the $ORU token.

About Orcus Finance

Firstly, Orcus is an entirely decentralized and autonomous protocol with the native governance token which aims to be the first leading Fractional-Algorithmic Stablecoin issuer on the Astar network and to implement multiple useful financial tools and other synthetic assets in the ecosystem.

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