CLV Strategic Partnership With Vefi

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Vefi Ecosystem Joining CLV for Cross-chain Integration

CLV Strategic Partnership With Vefi. CLV pleased to announce an alliance with Vefi Ecosystem, an ecosystem of blockchain-intrinsic products and services to back their vision of changing the world’s future through blockchain technology.

Moreover, CLV fits well with all the requirements of the Vefi Ecosystem, as the Vefi Ecosystem is committed to providing blockchain-intrinsic products and services, bringing the world to the blockchain economy.

CLV + Vefi Ecosystem = The future of Blockchain Adoption

This partnership will further strengthen the adoption of blockchain technology across the globe. Contributing to the accelerating transition to Web3 and the ecosystem expansion for both CLV and Vefi Ecosystem. With this partnership, CLV’s Web3 solutions, i.e., CLV Chain and CLV Wallet, will be integrated into Vefi ecosystem products.

CLV X Vefi Integration in Detail:

The CLV chain’s integration into Vefi’s Ecosystem marks the merger of two EVM-compatible chains with the aim of enabling Vefi to process numerous transactions in less than a second. Vefi Marketplace, the NFT marketplace by Vefi will enable the exchange of NFTs of various use-cases while ensuring fair trading. With the integration of their NFT marketplace into the CLV chain, CLV will bring the Vefi marketplace to Polkadot Ecosystem.

Through the integration of CLV wallet and CLV Parachain, CLV aims to support Vefi’s mission to develop and deploy innovative, cutting-edge, scalable blockchain solutions.

This strategic alliance will aid CLV and the Vefi Ecosystem in achieving their future goals and visions of leading mass adoption of blockchain and Web3 solutions!

About Vefi Ecosystem

Vefi a blockchain infrastructure and solution providing an ecosystem of blockchain-intrinsic products and services with the sole aim of permeating all areas of the globe with its influence in the blockchain ecosystem. For a better understanding of Vefi Ecosystem you can access their Whitepaper here.

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About CLV

CLV (previously Clover Finance) is a one-stop infrastructure platform for cross-chain and decentralized applications.

The CLV chain a Substrate-based specialized Layer 1 chain that is EVM compatible and cross-chain interoperable. The CLV wallet is a multi-chain all-in-one wallet, for Day-to-Day, DeFi, and Gaming purposes.

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